Comfortably carry your camera on the go.

Backpack Camera Holster

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The self-locking, quick-draw camera carry system for the professional photographer.

Camera Holster Belts

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Quality leather + memory foam construction. Available in a variety of colors!

SpiderPro Hand Strap v2

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Store up to 6 CF / SD cards + your phone, business cards, keys, batteries and more!

Memory Card Pouch

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Designed by photographers, the Spider Camera Holster System is the perfect solution for the professional sport, wedding, or event photographer looking for a strap-free system for two cameras.

Take the weight of your cameras off of your neck and shoulders.

Get more shots per shoot with less stress and fatigue to your body!

Quick-Draw Your Camera

The Spider Holster securely keeps your camera out of the way and easy to access when needed!


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