Adina Preston

"As a wedding and portrait photographer, I strongly believe Spider Holster is one of the best tools created for photographers."


As far back as she can remember, Adina has been motivated to capture a sense of beauty and art from her surroundings, and to translate that into her photography work. In the thriving arts scene of her native Bucharest, Adina was intrigued by the play of light and shadow across the eclectic mix of neoclassical, Bauhaus and Art Deco. She honed her skills capturing the various moods of the old beautiful city with its somber grays of winter and the bright summer skies, the interesting faces and the life going on around her.

After majoring in Marketing and holding a few jobs in the field, Adina realized that her heart was really in photography. With more than 10 years of experience, her photographic career took her from the East Coast to the West Coast, and recently returning her to the Sunshine state. She had always found herself captivated by the bright tropical light and colors of Florida, as she discovered an entirely new palette that she was excited to document.

Adina’s career started in landscape photography. Her work had sold nationally and was published in Keith Rogan’s book “A Kodiak Bear Mauling: Living and Dying with Alaska’s Bears”. A huge fan of Ansel Adams’s black and white photography, Keith Rogan featured Adina’s Alaskans Landscapes to illustrate the beauty of Kodiak in ways that his mere words could not convey.

Later, Adina discovered her love for portrait and wedding photography. “I want my work to have heart and style without sacrificing substance or genuine moments. I want to create beautiful, honest and timeless images that will resonate years from now, and deliver a mix of finely curated details as well as real, joyful, unexpected moments.”

When she’s not photographing, you can find her reading on the beach, spending time with her family, CrossFitting or planning her next vacation.


” I fell in love with the Spider Holster the very first time I tried it, and never looked back since. I’m actually at my second one, because the first one I ever bought got lost on an airplane coming back from photographing a wedding in Hawaii. I was devastated! Five minutes later, I had my second one.

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I strongly believe Spider Holster is one of the best tools created for photographers. It allows me the peace of mind I need while doing my work. Knowing that I have the ability to carry both my cameras on my body without killing my back and be hands-free at all times while setting up my equipment or giving direction to my clients while shooting, makes my job so much easier and efficient. Aside from that, Spider Holster is a constant conversation breaker and makes me look like a true professional. I can’t even count how many people and connections I’ve made thanks to this intelligent piece of equipment.”

What’s In Her Photo Bag?

Adina shoots with the following:
SpiderPro Dual Camera System
Memory Card Organizer
An extra SpiderPro Plate v2
SpiderMonkey Holster Kit

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