Alex Cearns

Animal photographer Alex Cearns goes wild with Spider Holster.

Alex Cearns is one of Australia’s leading professional pet and wildlife photographers.

Inspired by the joy of working with animals, she uses her definitive photographic style and her natural connection with all kinds of creatures to craft exquisite animal portraits for private clients, commercial brands, animal rescue charities and conservation organizations.   As Creative Director of thriving Australian-based pet photography business Houndstooth Studio, which she founded in 2008, Alex has more than 50 photographic awards and countless accolades to her name. She photographs more than 1,300 animals per year.

Photographing animals means I’m constantly on the go. Knowing where my camera bodies are without having to think about them means I have a faster reaction time and don’t lose valuable seconds untangling straps and bodies.

Passionate about animal rescue and welfare, Alex works tirelessly to make a difference to the lives of animals by providing pro bono photography services, images and sponsorship to around 40 national and international animal charities, shelters and sanctuaries. Alex is considered to be one of Australia’s most passionate champions of, and voices for, rescued animals. Her belief that animals bring people joy and her commitment to philanthropy has earned her high regard from the animal loving public.

Introduced to Spider Holster by a friend, convenience was what initially piqued her interest, but after consistently using it she has found there was reduced strain on her body after whole days of shooting and found the ease of use and excellent, robust design to be added bonuses. She now packs the Spider Pro Dual Holster for all of her natural light photography trips and says it’s an “absolute dream” to use.

I can be hands free while moving through any environment, with a camera sitting securely at each hip, enabling me to grab one in an instant thanks to the quick release function. And all that while not taking my eyes off the animal about to become my next photo subject!

Alex is the author and photographer of three books published by Penguin Australia (‘Mother Knows Best,’ ‘Joy – A Celebration of the Animal Kingdom’ and ‘Things Your Dog Wants You to Know’ with dog behaviorist Laura Vissaritis.) Her fourth animal photography book ‘Zen Dogs’ is planned for release with Harper Collins New York in fall 2016.  In addition, she is a contributor for Photo Review Australia Magazine.

Most recently, her Bear Apartment Six print was released as one of 10 images (and the only one from Australia) representing the standard of entries in the Sony World Photography Awards 2016.  Dozens of global media outlets have shared the images, including Daily Mail,, The Australian, MSN, Perthnow, Herald Sun, etc. Some of her other recent work has been featured in Dogs Today Magazine, Art by Nature Magazine and Folha Corrida Newspaper, Brazil.

Spider Pro holsters are now a vital piece of my camera kit, and wherever I go in the world, they go too.

Samplings of her recent awards include two-time Silver awards in the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards and a highly commended award for Happy Pooch Face Series in the 2016 Px3 Paris Photography Prize Prix De La Photographie.

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In her bag…

Alex is pictured above with a SpiderPro Dual Camera System.