Mike Hagen

"The Spider Holster is comfortable, it is tough as nails, and most of all, it just works."

Mike Hagen is a professional photographer, author, and workshop leader.

Mike has taught hundreds of workshops and thousands of students over the years on just about all photo topics including camera gear, studio lighting, Photoshop, Lightroom, landscape, travel, and digital workflow. One of his favorite things to do is take people on photo safaris to far off places like Africa, Galapagos, and Iceland.

Mike is a prolific writer, having published many books on photography, software, and digital workflow. He is well known for his engaging style and humor while making complex topics easy to understand.

I seriously love the Spider Holster for shooting in the studio. Like most photographers, I move around a lot on set. The Spider Holster system moves with me as I position lights, direct the talent, shoot from a low position, or climb a ladder.

The holster keeps the camera out of the way when I’m not using it, but keeps the camera instantly available when it is time to shoot. Since the camera is carried on a waist belt, it has eliminated my shoulder and neck strain.

The Spider Holster works seamlessly with my Arca Swiss tripod plates which means I can quickly go from hand-held shooting to tripod shooting. Working in the studio, I’m often shooting tethered to a computer, I’m happy to report that the system works great with my TetherTools gear. Love it.

The Spider Holster is comfortable, it is tough as nails, and most of all, it just works. Thanks for creating a product that makes my life easier.

IN HIS BAG: Mike shoots with a SpiderPro Single Camera System, and a Large Lens Pouch.