Charles King

For photographer and videographer Charles King, Spider Holster is as multi-purpose as his skill set.

Charles King is a Virginia-based photographer and videographer with an wide-range portfolio of specialties including portraiture, wedding and event photography, landscapes and commercial work.

Though his creative passion was first for music, Charles instantly connected with the camera as soon as he picked one up.  After some amateur photography work for his church, he sought mentors in the field to help hone his techniques. Charles has studies and worked under some of the biggest names in photo and video today. His extensive studying and mentorship has allowed Charles to extend his eye to a variety of specialties that he has shared around the country.

My Spider Holster has become my second best traveling partner and is an indispensable part of my workflow. The belt has spared my back the weight of my camera bag, and now that we use the SpiderPro Hand Straps we can focus on doing the best job for the client and less on dropping a camera.

His emphasis on intelligent lighting solutions in both photography and videography has helped Charles create quality images and videos.  His dedication to capturing moments in photographs and storytelling through video has shaped his mission to help clients express themselves to the world through beautiful and dynamic visuals.

Shooting and filming weddings requires quick action and reaction. As a videographer I found extra utility from the Spider Holster as a place to store my microphone or video light.

Charles was kind enough to send us his thoughts on the SpiderPro Large Lens Pouch. Check out his video review:

For more information about Charles King visit:

Twitter: @CharlesKingShow
Facebook: charleskingphotography

In his bag…

Charles is pictured above with a SpiderPro Single Camera System, a Large Lens Pouch, and a Medium Lens Pouch.