Curtiss Bryant

“I use Spider Holster because it allows me to move freely.”

Curtiss is the owner/photographer (along with his wife Valerie) of Curtiss Bryant Photography in Central Florida.

Curtiss has a degree in marketing and has been a professional photographer since 2005. Curtiss specializes in photographing weddings and high school senior portraits. He has been published in international publications several times and has won several awards for his work, including being named as one of the top 100 senior photographers for 2016 by Senior Style Guide.

I use Spider Holster because it allows me to move freely. I travel a lot and need to keep my hands free during shoots so we can move quickly from location to location. The Spider Holster allows me to do that.

With straps and other types of attachments, the cameras tend to hang off your body in a way that is uncomfortable and doesn’t allow for quick access. Also, cameras and lenses tend to swing and bump into things or fall off your shoulder, potentially causing damage. With the Spider Holster, all that is eliminated.

My camera attaches to my hip and locks in place. I do not need to worry about my camera swinging into things or swinging off my shoulder. It stays in one place and allows me to keep my hands free and also allows me to easily grab it and start shooting.