Descubre Sin Limites

With Spider... your system is comfortable for transporting our cameras and have them always at hand!

For thirteen years we have traveled the world in search of surprising places that we immortalize with our cameras.

Behind Descubre Sin Limites are Jose and Laura, photographers, adventurers and travelers.

Traveling brings us good things, and makes us better people. It makes us more tolerant with everything that surrounds us, makes us see the world with different eyes, and understand that the world is too big to stay at home.

We love to travel, near or far, a few days or many … the important thing is to travel. Know corners
that leave us breathless, understand new cultures and live with their people, put us to the test and
ultimately, know ourselves better.

We do not conceive life without traveling, is there anything better in this life?

After many years of traveling, and thanks to a passion for travel, nature, adventure and photography, Descubre Sin Limites was born, and we must recognize that we are very fortunate, because Descubre Sin Limites is not only our work, it is our way of life.

We have discovered incredible places, photographed endangered species, made trekking that we
had never imagined before … Indonesia, China, Nepal, United States, Peru, Costa Rica, Morocco,
Egypt … Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, United Kingdom, Switzerland … and so on to about 40
countries. Countries that have taught us the most beautiful of them, because we always try to look
for the good of all things; countries that have given us a little more to our lives, and that together
we stay with all of them, because each one is unique and indispensable in the life of a traveler.

We are proud to belong to the Spider Team, thanks to its products we travel more comfortable and
work better. Sometimes, during long treks of several days, where we are loaded with backpacks,
the camera hanging around the neck or shoulder is annoying. They appear chafing and even
pains. With Spider these problems disappear, your system, apart from being reliable (very robust,
the cameras are very safe) is comfortable for transporting our cameras and have them always at hand.

We will continue touring the world with Spider!

You can find Jose and Laura online here:

Instagram: @descubre_sin_limites