Devona Jefferson

“This is my favorite piece of gear.”

With her Spiderholster, Devona found a piece of gear that relieves her back and neck pain, and gives her freedom to use her hands and body on photoshoots.

Devona Jefferson is a Washington, DC Photographer specializing in Fine Art Portrait & Professional Head Shot photography, Gallery Fine Art and Fashion Photography. She has had great success in Gallery Fine Art photography. Her still life work has been shown in art galleries and sold to private collectors and won many awards.

As Devona branched out into other genres of photography, her artistic and fine art flair followed and can be seen in all of her work, especially in her fine art portraits and photographs she takes of the runways in NYC during New York Fashion Week.

My Spiderpro Dual Camera System V2 gives me the freedom to create art with my photography. It frees my hands to create and function. It gives me the freedom to create and be present with my clients, my subjects and while learning my craft and passion. This is my favorite piece of gear, and I am happy to sing its praises.

Devona never stops continuing her education in photography. “There is always something New to learn.” She also believes in helping her fellow Photographer. Further, she believes that if you are a Photographer running a photography business, you need to hone your business skills and strive to create a wonderful experience for your customer. She does all of this.

Devona sees photography as a form of art that should be held in the same regard as a painting. This is the type of work she creates.

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In her bag:

Devona shoots with a Spider Pro Single Camera System.