Justin Lin

“The Spider Holster is simply the best solution for me.”

Justin Lin is the cofounder and business mind behind Lin and Jirsa Photography, one of the largest luxury wedding photography studios in the world with over 30 photographers and 20 cinematographers documenting over 300 weddings each year.

Early on, Justin began using the first version of the Spider Holster and has recently upgraded to the newer version.

“I’ve tried almost every possible camera carrying solution on the market, including neck straps, shoulder straps, dual camera straps, and other holsters. The Spider Holster is simply the best solution for me because it keeps the weight off my shoulders. This is incredibly important for me because we specialize in cultural weddings with multiple ceremonies and long working days such as Hindu and Vietnamese weddings. It’s in that 16th hour of a hot summer day that I am especially appreciative of the Spider Holster. In comparison to other holsters on the market, I’ve found that Spider has the most longevity and the highest quietly build.”

Justin’s pre photography journey includes careers in accounting, business consulting, education, and graphic design. In fact, it was a consulting and graphic design project that led Justin to the world of photography when a local school district hired him and his business partners, Chris Lin and Pye Jirsa, to help them attract more qualified applicants to fill their open positions. The project required a marketing strategy, posters, billboards, and of course … engaging photography. That moment sparked a career in photography that has lasted over 10 years.

Find Justin online here:

Websites: linandjirsa.comslrlounge.com
Instagram: @linandjirsa

In his bag:

Justin shoots with a Spider Pro Dual Camera System.