Levi Sim

I started using Spider Holster tools 6 years ago and now I can't even imagine using a camera with a traditional strap.

If you’re like me, you simply enjoy making pictures.

I’m fortunate enough to be a full-time photographer–which really means I run a small business, and I get to make pictures sometimes. 😀  People tell me I’m passionate, and if that’s true, then helping others better their photography is right at the top of my list of passions (just below my wife and daughter…and Thai noodles. I love me some Thai noodles).

I started using Spider Holster tools 6 years ago and now I can’t even imagine using a camera with a traditional strap.

I used to have neck pain from heavy cameras hanging on my shoulders and neck. It got a little better when I used a sling-style strap, but I still had trouble sleeping for the crick in my neck and shoulders, and after a long day shooting at weddings and events I was exhausted. But from the first time I buckled the Spider Holster Pro around my waist I was hooked. I haven’t had pain in my neck and shoulders since. I call it “Chiropractors Bane” because I haven’t paid for an adjustment in years.

Levi Sim with a SpiderPro Dual Camera System

As I’ve evolved in my photography, Spider Holster has evolved with me: the new Spider Lite plates and hand straps are marvelous. I always have my camera on my hip because it’s so easy and unobtrusive to wear the belt clip all the time.

Because I always have my good camera with me, I’m always making good pictures instead of falling back on my phone.

These tools will make you a better photographer because they make it convenient and safe to carry your camera all the time–safe for both your camera and your body’s physiological health. Spider Holster have integrated an Arca-Swiss-sized tripod mount into holster plate which makes it easier to use my tripod, and that means I get better pictures all the time.

The tools are intuitive, simple, tough, and sleek. There’s no reason everyone shouldn’t carry their cameras this way.

Carrying more than one camera, or a camera and lenses or speedlights, any other way is ridiculous. You’ve seen people with straps crisscrossing their chests and their shoulders sagging under the load, but when you use Spider Holster tools you walk upright and you’ve actually got more energy at the end of the day.

In addition to being a full-time photographer, I’m also an author and editor for Photofocus.com, and you can check out some of my articles here: photofocus.com/author/levicsim/

In his bag…

Levi is pictured above using a SpiderPro Dual Camera System, and two SpiderLight Hand Straps.