Mitchel Wu

Toy photographer Mitchel Wu works in extreme environments with his Spider gear to find dynamic new locations for his shots.

I’ve always been creative and have had a deep desire to create and tell stories – whether that was through developing my own characters and drawing my own cartoons as a kid, or designing and sculpting my own characters as I got older.

This desire led to my getting a degree in art from the California College of the Arts in Northern California, to eventually working with the Walt Disney Company for six years, to collaborating with Cirque Du Soleil on a project, and working with Lucasfilm on developing a line of Star Wars sculptures. Ultimately this journey led to toy photography, where I’m able to create stories and alternate universes while capturing the illusion of motion, and emotion, where none existed before.

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One of the goals for my toy photography is to bridge the gap between these sculpted pieces of plastic and the stories in one’s head. Whether defying gravity, or succumbing to it – all is fair ‘play’ at Mitchel Wu Toy Photography. I often work in challenging, extreme environments trying to find dynamic, new locations for my shots. I create worlds for my stories to take place in, so finding the right locations are often key to those stories.

On any given day you might find me photographing action figures on a windswept beach, hiking into a damp mossy forest, bouldering in an unforgiving desert… even shooting on urban streets and in alleyways. Each environment poses its own unique challenges, all of which are met by my SpiderPro gear.

The innovative and thoughtfully designed SpiderPro Holster and Hand Strap allow me to safely get to these locations, and once there, maneuver about them with ease.

Even when traversing demanding terrain, dropping my camera is never a concern, which allows me to focus on maintaining solid footing instead. And of course my SpiderPro gear keeps both of my hands free, allowing me to pose and setup my often challenging and meticulously arranged shots, while keeping my camera safely at my side. My SpiderPro gear is as an integral part of my gear bag as it is part of my overall process.

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