Nicholas Pappagallo

I trust and use these tools every day in my work.

Since early childhood Nicholas Pappagallo has had the extraordinary opportunity to learn photography while traveling to some of the world’s most desirable locations.

Having a very supportive family enabled him to pursue this profession with an earnest devotion. Making the transition from film to digital only added to his excitement and he wholeheartedly embraced the new technology. What started off as a hobby eventually turned into a practiced form of art.

I started to use Spider Holster gear when searching for a better alternative to the loose cheap hand straps online. – it was perfect for hiking and studio shoots!

For Nicholas, noticing the small treasures in life has really helped him fine tune his skills. Eventually, his passion for photography expanded & he formed PAC (Photographers Adventure Club llc), the biggest and most active photography club. Being surrounded by many gifted photographers has given Nicholas the unique opportunity to broaden his own talents into a variety of different categories.

I currently Shoot Lumix cameras and the Spider Light products are amazing and even smaller – but still super strong and reliable. I trust and use these tools every day in my work.

When he isn’t behind the camera shooting events, weddings or portraits he is teaching other photographers basic photography skills, Lightroom editing & how to take their own skills to the next level. Nicholas is a proud member of the Lumix Luminary Team of photographers.

In his bag…

Nicholas proudly uses a SpiderLight Single Camera System, and a SpiderLight Hand Strap.