Raph Nogal

"I can’t see myself ever going back to those uncomfortable and unpractical camera straps."

Like many photographers, I started out using camera straps.

I first used the ones that came with the camera, then I upgraded for some softer ones, then upgraded to some fancier ones, then a few different dual-straps and eventually to Spider Camera Holster. I wish I would have saved myself all that time and money and just started with Spider. I knew I was done with camera straps when during one of my shoots, I bent over to reach for something and both my camera’s swung out in front of me and crashed into each other, cracking the viewfinder window in one of the cameras. At that point I’ve had enough.

When I first tried the Spider Camera Holster I immediately noticed two things:

1 – No more strain on the neck, back, or shoulders. As a wedding photographer, my shooting days usually run 12-16 hours straight. The relief was certainly welcomed.

2 – I was more free to perform certain tasks.

Let’s say I spontaneously wanted to take a photo of people dancing by raising the camera over my head. With a camera strap or dual-strap, this was not possible as the straps were too short. With the Spider, I simply slide the camera off the holster and up it goes without any restrictions. I could also easily eliminate one of the cameras from my Dual Spider Holster simply by taking it out and putting it in my camera bag. The weight difference was not nearly as noticeable as when I tried working with one camera on a dual-strap.

I also really love some of the accessory products that Spider offers, like the bottle holder for mid-summer golf course weddings. I especially love the Spider Monkey. This little tool sits on every speedlight and my assistant Oliver and I, each have a clip on our holster belts for super easy access to speedlights on the fly.

All I can say is that I simply love the Spider Camera Holster products. They are an essential part of my photography kit and I can’t see myself ever going back to those uncomfortable and unpractical camera straps.

About Raph

Raph Nogal is a wedding photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Raph specializes in editorial, fashion-inspired and artistic imagery fused with a photojournalistic approach. Raph photograph approximately 30 weddings a year and while most are local to Canada, he has photographed weddings is places such as Honduras, Thailand, Mexico and many other places worldwide. Learn more about Raph at raphnogal.com.

In his bag…

Raph uses a SpiderPro Dual Camera System with black SpiderPro Hand Straps on each camera, a Water Bottle Holder, and a Spider Monkey.