Rob Foldy

Sports photographer Rob Foldy is ready to play ball with Spider Holster.

Rob is a professional sports and portrait photographer based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, covering events both locally and abroad.

His sports photography career began as an intern for an ESPN affiliate website and print magazine and has grown to serve multiple private clients and wire services both across the U.S. and globally, most notably including Getty Images, ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Rob has had images showcased worldwide, including in the publications Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, and USA Today and on the television networks ESPN, CBS, ABC, and many more.

With my Spider Holster belt and accessories, I can carry all of the gear I need to be prepared for whatever may unfold in any given situation, without having to be hindered by a barrage of straps across my body. Everything I need is safe and secure around my waist, but still remains ready to use in a moment’s notice.

Gatorade dump photo by David Rosenblum Photography (Twitter: @writingsportz).

Rob is proud to endorse Canon USA cameras and lenses, Hoodman accessories and Spider Holster.

When not on the sidelines, Rob spends his time hanging out with his dog Tucker, enjoying a slice of pizza by the beach, or engaging in his other favorite type of shooting: USPSA.

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In his bag…

Pro sports photographer, Rob Foldy, is pictured above with a SpiderPro Dual Camera System, a Large Lens Pouch, and a Memory Card Organizer.