Scott Wyden Kivowitz

“I cannot imagine using any other products and highly recommend them for all photographers.”

Scott Wyden Kivowitz is a father, photographer, blogger, and educator in Freehold, New Jersey, who considers himself a storyteller with a camera.

Not long after I got my driver’s license, the cars that I drove turned into magnets for other drivers. I was in numerous accidents, where people didn’t stop and rear-ended my car, or went through a red light and t-boned my car. This was the start of my back pain. Carrying around a camera around my neck, whether photographing a family or hiking up a mountain for the perfect landscape photo, was never pleasant.

When I first met Shai and was introduced to the Spider Holster system I instantly knew it was a game changer for the industry and my back. From that day forward I have constantly used the Spider Holster at my most crucial times. Whenever I’ve tried camera straps again, for products reviews, I always returned to the Spider Holster system.

Now with the Spider Hand Straps, I feel complete. I have the comfort of using my body’s strongest and most centered points to hold my cameras. But I also have the security to know a sturdy yet comfortable strap is keeping my hand on the camera when not paying attention.

I’m a Nikon photographer who uses a DSLR and a full frame mirrorless camera. Switching between the SpiderPro and SpiderLight has been seamless, and remains comfortable. I put my trust in the products to hold the expensive equipment I rely on day to day.

I cannot imagine using any other products and highly recommend them for all photographers, especially those with neck and back pain.

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