Stephanie De Jager

"The SpiderPro Dual Camera System is an absolute game changer."

Stephanie is a fashion, wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

For weddings I love shooting with two camera bodies, mostly with the 50mm f/1.4 and the 85mm f/1.4 combo. I absolutely despise straps and have never used them as I was always worried that my cameras will swing and hit an obstacle or even hit each other. My dilemma was that I always had to put down my one camera or that I had to awkwardly rest it on my elbow while shooting with the other one or that I had to put down both when posing. Furthermore, I was always looking for my camera, not remembering where I put it down.

But the SpiderPro Dual Camera System is an absolute game changer. With this system, I don’t need to put down my cameras at random places, but always have it next to my body and ready to shoot.

When I want to pose the bride, groom or couple my hands are free to do so. Weddings are fast paced and the SpiderPro Dual Camera System ensures I have both camera bodies quickly accessible, so that I don’t miss a moment. Furthermore, when I am not shooting the bodies are resting on my hips, so after a whole day of shooting, I am not nearly as tired and my back and arms not nearly as sore like it used to be.

With this system, my cameras feel like part of my body and I can move so easily without worrying about it.

I would definitely recommend either the SpiderPro Single Camera System (for one camera shooters) or the SpiderPro Dual Camera System (for two camera shooters).

About Stephanie

Stephanie has shot the wedding of the Olympian athlete and World Record Holder in the 400m, Wayde van Niekerk and his beautiful wife Chesney and a few local Capetonian clothing brands amongst others.  Throughout high school she did photography, shooting events and portraits for the school newspaper.  During her university years she, together with her boyfriend (now husband) started a photography business to fund their hobby.  They learned and improved their skills through YouTube tutorials, experimenting, attending workshops, shadowing and learning from industry leaders. The business grew rapidly and soon required her full time attention – she left the corporate world for the life of a photographer and to be  a small business owner.  Even though she has a degree in Business, she would rather spend her days shooting and editing and doing what she absolutely loves. Stephanie has an immense passion for photography, fashion, people and documenting love (whether between a husband and wife, a couple, or a family). She adores working with people and connecting on a personal level: “I am beyond blessed and thankful to do what I love and for all the opportunities that have come my way thus far!”

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