Steve & Mark

"After just 10 minutes with the Spider Holster I was in love!"

There’s only one thing they love more than eating food with chopsticks… photography! They love photography! They eat, sleep and breathe photography. They are passionate about their passion.

Steve & Mark: The Chopstick Guys!

Now we realize that not everyone is as over-the-top crazy about photography as they are, but they have a strong desire to share their love of all things photography with others in a fun, unique, and sometimes zany way. This is THE reason why Panoptic Chopsticks and the Chopstick Guys were born.

Panoptic Chopsticks Web Show

The Chopstick Guys navigate the world of photography with one goal in mind, to bring the fun to photography. Steve and Mark (the Chopstick Guys) tackle photo news, trends and discuss just about anything related to photography.

Each week they leave the studio for a “Photo Wok” where they test ideas, interview leading photographers and always have fun. As well as “viewer mail”, there is also a segment we call call “Talking Raw” where the Chopstick Guys show quick post process techniques and sample some fresh sushi but mostly, they just have fun!

Check out the video above, where you’ll see Steve & Mark in action with their Spider gear.

MARK BEHRENS – The Other Chopstick Guy

Do you know that “one guy”, that guy that never uses a camera strap? He is constantly laying his camera on the ground, on a car, or who knows where… Well, that guy is me! I hate straps, I mean I really hate them, my camera when on a strap is always swinging into something, the strap is always hung up on something or falling in front of my lens. I have tried every strap on the market, the padded strap, the sling style strap, the double camera harness, I know they work for many people, just not for me. After just 10 minutes with the Spider Holster I was in love! The camera loaded and unloaded from it’s holder quickly and easily. My fears of weighting down my pants was completely gone due to the fact that all the weight was on the Spider Holster belt. The Spider Holster has freed my hands up when not clicking the shutter.

STEVE BATZ – The Other Chopstick Guy

Love at first snap – From the moment I first snapped the secure belt lock closed I knew I was in love, really I am not joking. I literally said out loud. WOW I love this thing! I don’t know if I have every owned another photographic accessory that has had the ability to completely revolutionize my shooting methods. My hands have been given total freedom and a new found flexibility. I honestly feel like I have been given an extra set of hands.

With over 10 years of providing top notch workshops, the Chopstick Guys host the most educational, engaging and fun workshops in the industry! From portraits to landscapes, posing to Photoshop they have you covered.

In their bag…

Steve & Mark each shoot with a SpiderPro Single Camera System, and a Large Lens Pouch.