Vincent Duke

Spider holsters not only took care of my aches and pains, but also gave me freedom!

Vincent Duke is an American Wedding and Event Photographer living in the Philippines.

Vincent Duke has seen great success in being approached for international event coverage such as the International Day of Yoga 2017 by the India Embassy, Covering National celebrities Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez for GMA 7’s season finale of I Heart Davao’s wedding scene, Commercial projects for some of the nations biggest companies such as Gardenia Bakeries, and of course many weddings, birthdays, debuts and more.

I’ve tried it all. You name the strap system and I have probably owned it. It’s always the same story at the end of a wedding: hurting shoulders, aching back, and a tangled mess. Spider holsters not only took care of the aches and pains but also gave me freedom! I have found myself full of energy at the end of a wedding with shots I never would have even have tried to get without the Spider Holster system. I will never use a shoulder strap again.

Vincent strives for excellence and his unrelenting quest for perfection always keeps him pushing the envelope and never cutting corners. Because of this he has amassed an ever-growing following of fellow photographers and fans.

He also strives to share his knowledge with others every chance he gets, usually during his workshops in his studio with his belief that better photographers makes better stories.

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In his bag

Vincent shoots with a SpiderLight Single Camera System (he likes the feel of our Light system even though he is shooting with a pro DSLR), and a SpiderPro Hand Strap.