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Mitchel Wu – Kermit’s Dino Ride

Spider Holster Ambassador Mitchel Wu recently took a on scene video setup video on his professional toy photography! PRODUCTS SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO: SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 131 reviews $70.00 Select options Spider Light Holster Set 66 reviews $95.00 Add to cart Mitchel Wu is constantly churning out great pieces of toy photography that consistently [...]

Portrait Lighting on Location with Ian Spanier – March 28-29, 2020

Join photographer and Spider Holster Ambassador Ian Spanier in this two-day workshop as he teaches students how to effectively light portraits on location using natural and artificial light. The workshop begins at the LACP classroom with introductions, gear breakdown, discussing the basics of light control, both indoors and outdoors. The class then moves on to [...]

DescubreSinLimites – In Search of the Incredible Morocco!

Jose and Laura from Descubre Sin Limites shared with us another one of their breathtaking expeditions, this time to Morocco! "The sun has just gone, and we have witnessed one of the most wonderful sunsets ... there, sitting in one of the highest dunes of the Erg Chebbi ... Wonderful … We return to the [...]

Mitch Wu the Professional Toy Photographer sets up with Spider!

Tongal rep Ingrid Vining recently interviewed professional toy photographer & Spider Holster ambassador Mitchel Wu on his creative process, and what gear he uses to set up shots so full of life and energy (see below). Mitchel said that among his bag of tricks was his SpiderPro Camera Holster including a Single Camera System and [...]

Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshop with Marc Weisberg

Southern California — This 3 Day Workshop Hands-On Intensive is for photographers looking to fast-track themselves to creating powerful and compelling real estate and architectural imagery.

Marc Weisberg: What’s in My Bag

I’m fortunate to have some of the best photography gear on the planet. When I shop for gear, I look for two things: quality and support. You get both when you purchase Spider products.

Vincent Duke: How Spider Holster Keeps Us Capturing Memories

As wedding and event photographers we’re pretty much in a position of constant uncertainty. Wedding photographers are used to being dual camera slinging cowboys (or cowgirls) having to adapt to every situation. But the ability to adapt comes at a price…

David McKay: “Getting Lost” in the World of Travel Photography

As a photographer that has the opportunity to travel the world photographing in many situations, I wanted to bring you a few tips and ideas to help you “get lost” while traveling!

Wait…what? Get lost?
Yep, get lost!

Rocking Two Camera Bodies

This month’s featured Spider Ambassador, Stephanie de Jager, tells us how the SpiderPro Dual Camera System is ideal for rocking two camera bodies at wedding and engagement shoots!

The Chopstick Guys: Why We Love the Spider Holster Pro

“We love Spider Holster, it truly is our favorite piece of photo gear, without the camera weighing us down we can concentrate on taking great photos!”