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“The SpiderPro Holster system is superbly designed, very well built and would be particularly well suited to sports or wedding photographers who require rapid camera access to a single D-SLR.”

Jerome Braga, Studio1923 external

“129 Weddings, 74 Family Sessions, and 156 Engagement Shoots. All with no problems and NEVER missing the holster. :-) Thank you for such a kick ass lifesaving product.”

Engadget external

“…given the utter usefulness of the Spider Holster and the fact that it makes carrying your DSLR around on long shoots a breeze, well, you’ll likely find a few of us editors knee-deep in Spider nerdure at the next CES..”

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“With this setup, your camera hangs at your side, ready to use, and when you need it you just grab it. No straps to get in the way, and no dead, crushed shoulders at the end of the shoot. On set, it looks fantastic.”