Is my camera safe?

Of course! the SpiderPro has a two-position lock. In lower position, the lock secures your camera each time it’s placed in the Holster. In upper position, the lock disengages for quick and easy access to your camera.

Is there a warranty? Is there a return policy?

Yes and yes. Our product warranty can be found here, and the details of our return policy are here.

But what about my tripod plate?

You can connect your tripod plate right on top of the Spider Pro plate. If you’re using Arca-Swiss products, please check out our Arca-Swiss Clamp and Adapter.

Will the belt adjust to my size?

Yes! However, if you have a particular concern about your size, please contact our support team with your measurements and we’ll confirm sizing and even adjust the belt before we ship it, if you order through spiderholster.com.

Will the Black Widow Pin work in my Pro Holster and vice-versa?

Yes, the Pins are the same size and are interchangeable. However, the Pro Pin is specifically shaped for our Pro Holsters and when used with a Pro Plate will reduce the likelihood of your camera bouncing out in active shooting environments when the Holster is unlocked.

I just want the metal Pro Holster without a belt, plate or pin. Can I get that?

Our SpiderPro Holster is always sold with a Plate and Pin. We strongly recommend our Single Camera and Dual Camera Pro Holsters for professional shooting situations. If you have a special circumstance where our Belt is unnecessary, try our SpiderPro Box Set. For compatibility options with ThinkTank and LowePro belts, check here.

If I purchase a Single Cam System, is it easy to upgrade to a Dual?

The SpiderPro system is designed so you can add a second Holster and Pad to your original Single Camera System at any time.

I get nervous holding my camera without a neck strap. Can I leave my strap on?

We don’t recommend leaving your neck strap attached to your camera when you’re using the Holster. If you need that extra level of security for peace of mind, consider using our amazing hand strap, or add a D-ring to your SpiderPro Plate and use a hand strap that you already own.

Do I need to lubricate my SpiderPro Holster?

Some Holsters may be shipping with lubrication suggestions, but these apply mainly to the older style Holsters. Your brand new Holster does not need any lube and should function perfectly as is. You can still use a dab of Clean Ride as you see fit, but you are completely fine if you choose not to lube.

I have a small DSLR or a mirrorless camera. Which Holster is for me?

The Black Widow is intended for use with small- to mid-sized DSLR cameras and detachable lenses. If your gear weighs…

2 LBS (1kg) and under, you can comfortably use the Black Widow with your own sturdy belt.

2-4 LBS (1-2kg), the Black Widow is still for you, but we recommend adding the Black Widow Belt and Pad for extra comfort.

5 LBS (2.25kg) and up, we recommend the SpiderPro System, which is intended for professional photographers and gear.

I have a belt system already. Do you sell the Holster without the belt so I could firmly attach it to the belt system I already own?

Yes! We have compatibility kits for a selection of LowePro and ThinkTank belts. Check out the products or our easy guides.

I need a part that I can’t find on your website.

Try our odds-and-ends page. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, please contact us.

I lost my hex wrench, tripod mount screw, etc…

Just contact us, and we’ll work out the details of replacing your lost parts straight-away!

What do I do with my strap now?

Give it to your dog as a chew toy. Wear it as a headband. Light it on fire (and send us a picture!). It doesn’t matter… you don’t need it anymore!

Hey guys, you didn’t answer my question!

No worries, we’d be happy to hear from you via our contact page.