Spider products reviewed by Toy Photographers

“The SpiderLight Hand Strap eliminated my worries. It’s snug and comfortable, and is shaped differently than traditional hand straps. While wearing it, I never felt like my camera was going to slip off, and yet I was still able to use my thumbs and fingers for various adjustments without having to take it off.”

Spider Holster featured on B&H Explora Blog

“Have you always wanted a convenient strap-free solution for carrying your camera during shoots? With an updated lineup, the new harnesses from Spider Camera Holster might just fill the bill.”

SpiderPro v2 launch featured on Professional Photographer

“SpiderPro v2 makes shooting from the hip better”

SpiderPro v2 launch announced on Photo Corners

Thanks to the Photo Corners blog for announcing the release of SpiderPro v2!

SpiderPro v2 featured on MacSources

“The entire SpiderPro V2 line is designed to protect photographers from neck, shoulder and back strain that photographers with heavy DSLRs frequently face”

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The Grid – Holiday Gift Guide Under $100

“This handstrap is formed so your hand goes naturally to the correct position, and it takes the stress off your gripping muscles… My wrist doesn’t hurt any more, and my camera is secure!”

SpiderLight BackPacker Featured on ABC News 13

“If you are looking for something different to put under the Christmas tree, we’ve got some hot new tech items that are sure to be a surprise.”

SpiderLight Backpacker Kit Featured on Everyday

“Easy access to your camera if you’re biking, hiking, and more!”

Ask Men’s Best Gifts for Photographers

“When you give a SpiderHolster, get ready for the rodeo. With this tool on their hip, they’ll quickly become a camera cowboy.”