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SpiderPro 1-to-2 Camera Upgrade v1

SpiderPro 1-to-2 Camera Upgrade v1

Upgrade your Single Camera System to a Dual Camera System!

Have the Single Camera System v2 and want to upgrade? Make sure to grab the Dual Camera Upgrade v2 instead.

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Recommended Weight Range

5+ lbs (2.25+ kg)

System Weight

1.08 lbs (492g)

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How to setup and customize your SpiderPro Dual Camera System.

How to setup your SpiderPro Dual Cam System

This guide walks you through the steps to assemble and customize the fit of your SpiderPro Dual Camera System.

Upgrade your single-camera system to a dual-camera system!

If you already have a SpiderPro 1-Camera System and would like to upgrade to a 2-Camera System this kit is for you. It allows you to add an additional camera to your existing SinglePro Belt. The SpiderPro Pad belt kit will fit comfortably and securely on the left side of the Belt of your current SpiderPro Single Camera system.

1-to-2 Camera Upgrade Kit

  • 1 SpiderPro Pad/Holster
  • 1 SpiderPro Plate
  • 1 SpiderPro Pin

Arca/SpiderPro 1-to-2 Cam Upgrade

  • For compatibility with Arca-Swiss
  • 1 SpiderPro Pad/Holster
  • 1 Spider AS Clamp (1 pin installed)

Need Arca-Swiss compatibility?

If you shoot with an Arca-Swiss tripod (or any bracket or plate that features the Arca-Swiss geometry), check out our Arca/Spider 1-to-2 cam upgrade, which has everything you need to holster up two cameras and maintain compatibility with your Arca-Swiss tripod plates.

More options

Looking to upgrade but don’t see a suitable option based on your current Spider gear? Check our odds-and-ends page for more options. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, please feel free to contact us and we’ll hook you up with just the parts you need.