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SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2

SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2

Say hello to the new and improved SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2, the pro photographer’s solution for holstering two cameras at your hip! Also included is our brand new Lens Collar Plate, optimized to comfortably carry your long lenses.

Includes:  x2 Pro Plates, x1 Lens Collar Plate, and
Single Camera System w/ 1-to-2 Camera Upgrade Kit

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Recommended Weight Range

5+ lbs (2.25+ kg) per camera

Belt Length

28-50" (71-127cm)

System Weight

2.64 lbs (1220g)


Durable Stainless Steel & Aluminum

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Introducing SpiderPro v2!

Why Spider Holster?

How to assemble your SpiderPro v2 Dual Camera System.

Rob from B&H shows off the Spider Camera Holster.

How to properly install the SpiderPro₂ Plate on your camera.

How to setup your SpiderPro Dual Cam System

This guide walks you through the steps to assemble and customize the fit of your SpiderPro Dual Camera System.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Great accessory!

A little on the hard side for assembly but I managed even though there was no instructions that I could find. Very helpful during wedding days

Somewhat expensive, a little confusing to setup, but could NOT live without this thing!

If I knew how wonderful this was to work with, I would have got this YEARS ago!! I have been struggling with a dual strap holster that went over my shoulders for years and thought there could be nothing better, but this feels like it totally takes all that weight (a lot of weight) off my back and shoulders and you'd think just moves the weight to the hips, but it actually feels like it takes away all the weight. Keeps the cameras VERY stable, and takes my 70-200 and in a natural feel.. just puts it horizontally - meaning when I bend down, it doesn't hit the floor!
Cannot say enough about this thing! WELL WORTH the $$. LOVE IT


SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2

quality & service

Very good quality and service

Great system but watch out for the pin

I've been borrowing my friend photographers SpiderPro Dual Camera System V1. I loved it and fell in love with the system. I like the idea of not having anything on your shoulder. Even with bad exchange rate I decided to finally pull the trigger. Process and receiving went flawless. However, when I wanted to move those pins, it was almost impossible. After trying it out for 15min, I got them out with nasty rust. I don't know what to do?! I don't know if the pin will hold my camera with all that rusty pins. I had a wedding shoot, so I used the system but kept on have to hold the camera because I was worried that it my break. Until I get another pins, I just have to suck it up and live with it for now. Except for the rust, everything is awesome.

Hi there - thank you for purchsing with us, sorry to hear about the pin. Please reach out directly (spiderholster.com) with a picture of the problem? Thank you, Spider Team

SpiderPro (DCS) Dual Camera System

Single Camera Holster System SCS


Holster TWO professional DSLR cameras at your hip!

Accommodates waist sizes 27″-50″ (extensions are available)

Belt latch has 3 point release for extra security.

Unique Self-Locking Design allows safe carry with ease of use.

Quick-Draw one handed operation!

Pro₂ Plate has built-in threaded holes that fit any tripod plate.

Rugged construction can safely carry and operate your heavier DSLR camera and gear.

So how does it work?

Size the Pro Belt to your waist size, (belt accommodates waist sizes from 27–50 inches). After sizing your belt, slide the second holster and pad into place and secure the ears between the velcro layers. Attach the Pro Plate to your camera’s tripod mount with the built in allen wrench (we provide extra tripod mount points so you can still keep your quick-release plate attached.) After everything is attached, slide your camera into the holster!

The lens should always be facing directly back when holstered, this allows our self-locking design to balance your camera, and protects your camera lens from being bumped while kneeling or setting up shots.

Need help installing your second camera pad? Watch this video!

Spider Pro₂ Plate Features

Spider Pro Plate Front Description

Front Features

Spider Pin – Designed for optimum security and made out of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and strength, the pin can be moved to carry from the right or left side. The design does not allow the pin to ever come loose, so your gear is always safe at your side.

Extra Mount Holes – Located at the left and right of the mount screw, which accommodates the universal 1/4″-20  mount used by most all tripod brands. Pairs perfectly with our Acra Swiss AS2, Arca Swiss/Manfrotto AS-RC2, and Tether Adapter Plates!

Built in Tool – The Pro₂ Plate has a built in allen wrench with spring loaded release!

Back Features

Anti-Rotation Stops – The “Camera Bumps” on the front of the Pro₂ Plate  hug the front of your DSLR camera and prevent it from rotating when installed!

Rubber grips – Provides slip resistance and improves the connection to your camera body.

Tether/Strap Connection (optional) – Compatible with the Spider Web Tether and most third-party sling style straps. This allows the use of any quick-connect/carabiner style strap without interfering with the Pro₂ Plate’s tripod connections.

Spider Pro Plate v2 Back Info

Spider Pro₂ Plate Features

Spider Pro Holster Self Locking Design

Self-Locking Design

The Spider Pro Holster features a self-locking design. The geometry of the holster and plate prevents the camera from moving up and out of the holster accidentally.

Simply rotate camera upward for a fast release. This feature feels natural to the user, while providing an extra layer of security for your camera, even when the lock is not engaged!

Spider Pro 2 Position Lock Description

Need Arca-Swiss compatibility?

If you shoot with an Arca-Swiss tripod (or any bracket or plate that features the Arca-Swiss geometry), check out our Arca/Spider Dual Camera System, which has everything you need to holster up two cameras and maintain compatibility with your Arca-Swiss tripod plates. It includes two SpiderPro Camera Holsters, a SpiderPro Dual-Cam Belt, and two SpiderPro Clamps (1 pin installed per clamp).

But I already have a SpiderPro Single Camera System…

No problem, we have Dual Camera Upgrade options for you. Make sure you get the right Upgrade package:

Why SpiderPro?

Check out our Spider Ambassadors – pro photographers who use and fully endorse the SpiderPro Holster!

I want one!

Yeah you do! Join the thousands of pro photographers who have ditched their camera straps and joined the Spider revolution. You can order right here through our website, through one of our fine U.S. retailers, or if you live abroad, through an international Spider dealer.

What’s next?

Shoot like a pro by extending your system! Don’t stop here, check out these great ideas for extending your SpiderPro Dual Camera System.

What’s included?

The Pro2 Belt + Pro2 Pad

  • Quick-adjust strap allows easy size changes.
  • Triple-lock buckle secures the belt during use.
  • Rugged construction resists wear.
  • 27″-50″ waist size adjustable.

The Pro2 Plate

  • Attaches securely to camera’s tripod mount.
  • Has x2 built-in universal connections for tripod plates.
  • Wrench conveniently stows inside the plate.
  • Bottom has anti-slip pads and “bumpers” to secure plate to camera.

The Pro Holster

  • High strength stainless steel and durable aluminum construction.
  • 2 Position Lock with Self Locking Design.
  • One handed operation = Fast & Easy Access

The Lens Collar Plate

  • Attaches securely to your lens’s tripod collar.
  • Compatible with Arca-Swiss style tripods.
  • Removable pin for right or left side carry.
  • Pairs with Spider Tether Bail Kit for added security.