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SpiderPro Dual Camera System

SpiderPro Dual Camera System

Say hello to the our 2-camera system! The SpiderPro Dual Camera System is a complete solution for holstering 2 cameras at your hip. Please note, some assembly is required prior to use.

Need Arca-Swiss compatibility? Look here →


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Recommended Weight Range

5+ lbs (2.25+ kg) per camera

Belt Length

28-50" (71-127cm)

System Weight

2.65 lbs (1220g)

Why Spider Holster?

How to assemble your SpiderPro Dual Camera System.

Rob from B&H shows off the Spider Camera Holster.

How to properly install the SpiderPro Plate on your camera.

How to setup your SpiderPro Dual Cam System

This guide walks you through the steps to assemble and customize the fit of your SpiderPro Dual Camera System.

Say hello to the our 2-camera system! The SpiderPro Dual Camera System is a complete solution for holstering 2 cameras at your hip.

You’ve probably seen our 1-camera system already, if you haven’t, check it out for more info on how our Pro Holsters work.

SpiderPro Dual Camera System

  • 2 SpiderPro Camera Holsters
  • 2 SpiderPro Plates
  • 2 SpiderPro Pins
  • 1 SpiderPro Dual-Cam Belt

Arca/SpiderPro 2-Cam System

  • For compatibility with Arca-Swiss systems
  • 2 SpiderPro Camera Holsters
  • 1 SpiderPro Dual-Cam Belt
  • 2 SpiderPro Clamps (1 pin installed per clamp)

For maximum comfort with 2 cameras…

We recommend using a smaller body/lens combination on one side (probably your left side) for maximum comfort during extended shoots.

Need Arca-Swiss compatibility?

If you shoot with an Arca-Swiss tripod (or any bracket or plate that features the Arca-Swiss geometry), check out our Arca/Spider Dual Camera System, which has everything you need to holster up two cameras and maintain compatibility with your Arca-Swiss tripod plates.

But I already have a SpiderPro Single Cam System…

No problem, we have a 1-to-2 camera upgrade option for you.

I shoot with a heavy lens…

No problem. Pick up our Lens Collar Plate, which is specifically designed for the photographer shooting with longer lenses, such as the 70-200mm. By attaching to the lens collar, your gear will balance better for a more comfortable experience and there will be less stress on the camera’s lens mount.

Why SpiderPro?

Check out our Spider Ambassadors – pro photographers who use and fully endorse the SpiderPro Holster!

I want one!

Yeah you do! Join the thousands of pro photographers who have gone strapless and joined the Spider revolution. You can order right here through our website, through one of our fine U.S. retailers, or if you live abroad, through an international Spider dealer.