LowePro Belt Kit

Attach a SpiderPro Holster to your LowePro Street & Field Belt. LowePro belt not included.

Need Arca-Swiss compatibility? Look here →

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Recommended Weight Range

5+ lbs (2.25+ kg)

System Weight

1.0 lbs (454g)

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How to assemble your Spider LowePro Belt Compatibility Kit.

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professional grade quality

I am impressed by both the quality and the straightforward functionality of the holster. I am assured that the cameras are "safe" where they are and will not drop out of their slots (and no one will be able to take them off my hip either). The quality is very high and it feels just very sturdy and robust. I am happy that I got this for my lowepro belt, which in itself is just a wonderful belt. No obvious downsides except that the mounting of the holster to the belt is a bit finicky. The price is also premium/on the high side which made me hesitant at first; does it deliver on its promise - absolutely! Is the price fair - well, it is high for sure...

Wear a SpiderPro Holster on your LowePro Street & Field Belt!

Love your LowePro belt? You can comfortably attach a SpiderPro Holster to your Street & Field belt with our compatibility kit. Our standard kit includes everything you need to mount a Spider Holster on your Street & Field belt.

Street & Field Pro Holster Kit

Our standard kit for attaching a SpiderPro Holster to your own LowePro Street and Field belt.

  • SpiderPro Holster & Pad
  • SpiderPro Plate & Pin

Arca/Street Pro Holster Kit

If you shoot with an Arca-Swiss tripod (or any bracket or plate that features the Arca-Swiss geometry), and a LowePro Street & Field belt, this kit is for you.

More options

Looking to upgrade but don’t see a suitable option based on your current Spider gear? Feel free to contact us and we’ll hook you up with just the parts you need.