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The Rob Foldy Kit

The Rob Foldy Kit

The Rob Foldy Kit contains a SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2 (which includes the new Lens Collar Plate), plus 1 Large and 1 Medium Lens Pouch and 1 Memory Card Organizer.

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” With my Spider Holster belt and accessories, I can carry all of the gear I need to be prepared for whatever may unfold in any given situation, without having to be hindered by a barrage of straps across my body. Everything I need is safe and secure around my waist, but still remains ready to use in a moment’s notice. ” – Rob Foldy

A collection of Spider Holster products perfect for the event and sport photographer!

Two cameras, two spare lenses, and the abillity to quickly switch your memory cards all in one kit. With the fast paced nature of any event whether if it is a wedding, music concert, or sporting event, the need to snap multiple angles and be ready at a moments notice to capture that one important photo is pivotal to the professional photographer.

Ready for any situation!

Not every venue is the same, and many events take place in more than one! Switch lenses on the fly and have a second camera ready to go when you need it. No more setting your camera down or having it awkwardly hang from a neck strap while setting up shots.

Save 20% with this bundle!

Rob uses our SpiderPro Dual Camera System so he can quickly switch from one camera to the next. Gear up with two of our lens pouches and top it off with a Memory Card Organizer and you’re ready to shoot like Rob Foldy!

The Rob Foldy Kit

That’s roughly $435 worth of Spider gear for just $350!

Meet Spider Ambassador, Rob Foldy

Rob‘s sports photography career began as an intern for an ESPN affiliate website and print magazine and has grown to serve multiple private clients and wire services both across the U.S. and globally, most notably including Getty Images, ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

Rob’s kit is perfect for the active photographer who’s in need of multiple cameras and lenses to be ready for the next big shot.