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Spider Light Z Plate

Spider Light Z Plate

Designed for Mirrorless and Light DSLR cameras.


The Spider Light Z Plate  is designed specifically to work with Nikon Z series camera users, with or without use of the FTZ Mount Adapter.

It is adjustable, leaving you room to open your battery door. The Z Plate also features Arca-Swiss™ compatible geometry, and will attach directly to any Arca-Swiss™ tripod head.

x1 SpiderLight Z Plate


Note: Holster not included.

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Compatibile With

Nikon Z series cameras with or without use of the FTZ Mount.
Arca-Swiss™ tripod heads.

Not Compatible With

SpiderLight Plate is NOT compatible with Olympus Mark II, and Panasonic DMC-G80/G85

System Weight

0.125 lbs (56g)

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Which cameras are NOT compatible with the Spider Light Plate?

The camera models below are NOT compatible:

  • Olympus Mark II
  • Panasonic-G80/G85


If you have any questions, feel free to email support at:
[email protected]

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Holster for Nikon Z6

Fits camera nicely.

Plate works great with Nikon Z6

Plate works as advertised. If you already own the standard Spider Harness, you can just purchase the Lite plate (which goes on your camera) and it works exactly like it should.

Would like a left side plate.

Great for the right side but any chance of making a plate for the left side?

Would love slight improvement.

Z6 and Z7 each have a small hole in baseplate just in front of screw hole. On other specific Arca swiss plates there is a pin that fits this hole, prevents any chance of rotation. Would be more secure than the screw heads you use. Really don’t need the sliding plate as these are supposed to be specific to the Nikon Z’s and you don’t need to change to adapt to different placing of battery door. All you really did was adapt your existing mirrorless plates.

Great Fit

I’ve been a Spider user for many years. This plate fits perfectly on my Z6 and allows me to use it on my tripod on its own. It works with the Z adaptor. I’ve also added the spider lite handstrap. It’s all good!


Pre-Order estimated date to ship: December 15th, 2019

The solution for Nikon Z users!

The SpiderLight Z Plate was updated to seamlessly pair with all Nikon Z series cameras,
with all lens configurations, (With and without the FTZ Adapter).

SpiderLight Z Plate shown with Nikon FTZ Mount
SpiderLight Z Plate shown without FTZ Mounty

Adaptable to your setup!

The SpiderLight Plate’s mount can move left to right to fit your camera and allow you to maintain use of your battery door, and will not interfere when using an FTZ Adapter.

Built in Arca-Swiss style tripod feature!

The SpiderLight Plate has built in Arca-Swiss Geometry which allows it to mount to any of their tripod heads!
The plate also has a universal 1/4″-20 thread mount which will work with any regular tripod mount!

SpiderLight Plate Arca-Swiss Compatible

Note: SpiderLight Plate is NOT compatible with Olympus Mark II, and Panasonic DMC-G80/G85

Package Includes:

x1 SpiderLight Z Plate
(with pre-installed Anti-Twist Pin, and hex allen wrench)