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SpiderLight Backpacker Kit

SpiderLight Backpacker Kit

The Spider Light Backerpacker kit is 2 products in 1 kit! It is the only product that allows you to quickly switch between carrying your camera on your backpack, to your belt, with zero assembly. The Spider Light Holster can easily clip into place and can be removed just as easily, allowing you to switch up your setup from belt to backpack in seconds!

Spider Light Plate
x1 Spider Light Holster
Backpacker Adapter Kit

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Designed for mirrorless or lightweight DSLR cameras.

Weight Limit

Up to 7 lbs (3.25 kg)

System Weight

0.50 lbs (211g)

SKU 180

In October 2016 we launched the SpiderLight Holster and Backpacker on Kickstarter.

How to use the SpiderLight Backpacker.

All about the SpiderLight Holster (included with your Backpacker).

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

The SpiderLight Backpacker Kit is a very functional product which makes it possible to conveniently carry your camera, take weight from your back, and access your camera quickly. The holster was somewhat difficult to remove from the backpack to my belt, but that is probably a good thing because it means that it should not slip from my belt. I am definitely enjoying using it and am happy with my purchase. The instructions and video were confusing and did not completely reflect the current version of the product - it is actually far easier to assemble than the instructions made it appear.

better than peak design

the movement joint is a better design then the peak design, I like this more. and camera is more easily to be taken out.
But I dont like the shoulder kit which the camera weight sits only one sides of my shoulder.

Denis from Belarus

I liked everything very much. Quality at the highest level.
Delivery was fast.
I can confidently advise your company to everyone.

Backpacker spiderlite

I love this thing. The good - flexible. Can use backpack attachment with go-pro or my mirrorless camera. Love the fact I can so easily move the camera attachment portion to may waist/belt when not wearing the pack. The only negative is that it seems a bit over built - a bit heavier and larger than might be needed for a sony a6 series camera. But it works well and is easy to use. Who can argue with that. Happy with the purchase.

The Best Camera Suspension System.

After several months of use, the Backpacker Kit is the best. I mounted it on my Lowepro Sling pack and it fits perfectly. My G9 hangs at slight angle but makes my camera even more accessible. I enjoy my hikes much more now having a secure camera suspension system. I find it an absolute joy to use and now bring my camera everywhere since it is so convenient and not have to hand carry my camera.
Honestly, I wouldn’t settle for anything less and could not ask for a better system. Although more expensive than the others, it is well worth knowing my camera is secure and easy to access. Small investment for piece of mind for a $2500+ camera setup, don’t you think?
Get it. You won’t regret it.

Spider Light Belt Mount

The Backpacker 2-in-1 Product

A quick snap-in connection securely fastens the Backpack Adapter to your travel bag/messenger bag strap.

This allows you to clip your Spider Light Holster directly to the backpacker and carry your camera at chest level, and in seconds unclip the holster and clip it to your belt!

As a bonus, the kit also includes a GoPro adapter plate that allows you to connect any GoPro accessory. Capture live video and have your mirrorless camera at the hip ready
at all times!

Spider Light Backpacker Strap Mount
Spider Light 2 Position Lock Description

No interference.

The Spider Light Plate’s slider moves left to right
and is reversable, keeping your battery door free to open!

Spider Light Plate Moving Plate Description
Light Holster Pin Mobility

Secure Freedom of Movement.

Our patented ball-joint system gives your camera just enough freedom of movement so that it’s not rigidly bolted to your body. Your camera moves freely with you as you move. Your lens points backward allowing you to squat quickly with no worries, and your flash (if you use one) hangs parallel to your leg. No other camera holster offers this level of comfort.

Self-Locking Design

The Spider Light Holster features a self-locking design. The geometry of the holster and plate prevents the camera from moving up and out of the holster accidently.

Simply rotate upward while removing your camera for a fast release. This feature feels natural to the user, while providing an extra layer of security for your camera!

Spider Light Self Locking Turn

Backpacker Kit Features

Spider Light Holster & Backpacker Attachment

  • Holster your camera on your belt OR on your backpack strap.
  • Works on anybackpack strap or messenger bag strap.
  • Holster lock keeps camera securely in place.
  • Velcro elastic strap wraps around your lens, keeping it secure.

GoPro Plate Attachment (optional)

  • Great for biking with your camera!
  • Allows full compatibility with GoPro accessories/cameras.
  • Your GoPro camera locks securely in place.
  • Arca-Swiss geometry/design – go from your backpack holster, right to your Acra-Swiss tripod head.

We’re GoPro™ Compatible.

Getting great GoPro POV shots has never been easier.

The best way to carry your GoPro for capturing point-of-view footage while hiking, biking, and vacationing! Simply remove the metal SpiderLight Holster from the backpack attachment, add our GoPro compatibility clip, and click your GoPro securely in place.

Shown with a GoPro HERO5 Session Ultra HD Action Camera – attaches via the GoPro mount.

Backpack to Belt in Seconds!

Simply clip on and go! The Spider Light Backapcker Kit does allows you to
attach it to any backpack or messenger bag strap, but also to easily clip it onto any belt!

See it in action!

In the box:

Everything you need to holster your camera on your backpack strap, or on your belt.

What’s next?

Shoot like a pro by extending your system! Don’t stop here, check out these great ideas for extending your SpiderLight Holster system.