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Spider Light Holster Set

Spider Light Holster Set

The Spider Light Holster is the strapless, belt mounted camera holster system for mirrorless and lightweight DSLR camera.

Our holster provides fast access to your camera in a
2 piece system that is as ruggedly strong as it is easy to use.

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Designed for mirrorless or lightweight DSLR cameras.

SpiderLight Plate is NOT compatible with Olympus Mark II, and Panasonic DMC-G80/G85

Weight Limit

Up to 7 lbs (3.25 kg)

System Weight

0.295 lbs (135g)



SKU 150

About the SpiderLight Camera Holster, with a brief cameo from the SpiderLight Backpacker.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Compatible with Olympus?

You say in the specs that the
Spider Light is not compatible with Olympus Mark ii. Could you specify whether it IS compatible with Olympus OMD-EM5 Mark iii? Thank you.

Never got the product

I have communicated with you many times and the problem was never resolved with your FedEx shipping. I have no idea where the package is which is too bad bc I have used your products happily for at least five years but this scenario is unacceptable.

Well made equipment

As a recent convert from DSLR to mirrorless I wanted to try something other than a traditional strap to keep my Nikon Z6 handy for quick shots. The Spider Light Holster is a well engineered product that holds a camera securely. However, for my purposes it's a bit bulky and disrupts the stream lined form factor of my Z6. The anti-twist pen holds the camera securely to the holster but by allowing the camera to swing freely it feels precarious to bumps when hiking or caring the camera casually. The pin also gets in the way from setting the camera on a flat surface. I can see were this system would be useful for pros with bulky rigs in situation where they are taking lots of shots with frequent changes in bodies and lens.

The one and only. Solid retention and fast access.

I purchased this first just to test it as an alternative to other competitors. Soon after trying it, I realised this is vastly superior to everything else I have tried. Im an outdoor portrait photographer, often working in bad weather and active environments. So I have to quickly access my camera and stow it away securely, when every second counts. Whether i work on skis, snowmobile, on my feet running around or climbing, the spider holster keep my camera locked in place with quick access. Looks like im going to invest a lot more in Spider Holsters in the future.

Simple Perfect

There’s nothing better than a product that does what it promises, and this is just that product. Frees up my hands with confidence and security. I keep asking myself why did I wait so long to add this to my bag!?

SpiderLight HOlster Set Banner

No adapters required!

The SpiderLight Plate has built in Arca-Swiss Geometry which allows it to mount to any of their tripod heads!
The plate also has a universal 1/4″-20 thread mount which will work with any regular tripod mount!

SpiderLight Plate Arca-Swiss Compatible
Spider Light Self Locking Turn

Self-Locking Design

The Spider Light Holster features a self-locking design. The geometry of the holster and plate prevents the camera from moving up and out of the holster accidently.

Simply rotate upward while removing your camera for a fast release. This feature feels natural to the user, while providing an extra layer of security for your camera!

Secure Freedom of Movement.

Our patented ball-joint system gives your camera just enough freedom of movement so that it’s not rigidly bolted to your body. Your camera moves freely with you as you move. Your lens points backward allowing you to squat quickly with no worries, and your flash (if you use one) hangs parallel to your leg. No other camera holster offers this level of comfort.

Light Holster Pin Mobility

SpiderLight Holster and Plate Explanation

Features include

  • All-metal durable construction and ergonomic Holster design.
  • Two-position metal lock ensures security & fast draw action.
  • Securely clips to your own belt or to our SpiderLight Belt.
  • Quickly change from hip to to backpack with the SpiderLight Backpacker!
  • Connect to any tripod plate. Built-in ArcaSwiss tripod profile to boot.
  • Provides a connection for any tripod quick-release plate. Does not block Mirrorless camera battery doors!
  • Adjustable for thinner or thicker camera bodies/grip configurations.
  • Optional tether/quick connection for Sling Straps.

See it in action!

What’s next?

Shoot like a pro by extending your system! Don’t stop here, check out these great ideas for extending your SpiderLight Holster system.