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SpiderLight Hand Strap

SpiderLight Hand Strap

Meet the best hand strap on the planet for flagship brands of mirrorless and lightweight DSLR cameras – the SpiderLight Hand Strap.


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Black, Red trim, Deep Blue trim, Light Blue trim, Copper trim, Lilac trim


Designed for mirrorless or lightweight DSLR cameras.
Compatible with vertical/battery grips.
Attaches to all neck strap connections.
Adapters for compatibility with most flagship mirrorless cameras.


Mounting hardware included.

SKU 990

I am currently using a shoulder sling strap – can my shoulder strap round fastener work with the SpiderLight Hand Strap?

This setup can present some unique challenges. We provide you with a round rubber washer, so please make sure you insert that part per instructions to prevent slipping/de-threading. Results may vary, depending on connector type and make.

My camera does not have the regular slot style connection, but has a round eyelete connector (some Nikon bodies, SONY, etc.). Will the SpiderLight Hand Strap work with these cameras?

Yes! The SpiderLight Hand Strap is compatible with all flagship models of mirrorless cameras.

Is the SpiderLight Hand Strap compatible with my Olympus OMD / NEX-7 / Nikon D3300

Yes, but not with Olympus OMD Mkii Series cameras.

Will the hand strap work with a Nikon D7100/7200 DSLR?

Your camera would probably fair better with the SpiderPro Hand Strap.

Is the hand strap compatible with the Canon EOS M3 or Panasonic GX80?

Sorry, but no.

What if I don’t have a tripod plate?

No problem. The SpiderLight Hand Strap ships with everything you need to use it, right out of the box.

What if taking the camera out and in of my holster is difficult when my hand is in the hand strap?

Please make sure you take your hand OUT of the hand strap, hold your camera with your right hand OUTSIDE the hand strap – then insert the camera into the holster. Repeat the same for taking your camera out of the Holster. This may take a few minutes to get used to, but will become second nature after a short while!

In April 2016 we launched the SpiderLight Holster on Kickstarter.

Customer Reviews

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SpiderLight Hand Strap
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Spiderlight for Sony a7iii

View below for a list of handstrap colors that are no longer available:


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The SpiderLight Hand Strap delivers best in class comfort and performance for

flagship brands of mirrorless and lightweight DSLR cameras.

Features include

  • Designed specifically for mirrorless and small DSLRs.
  • Get your hand in-and-out easily and quickly.
  • Snug, comfortable fit for any hand size.
  • Unique shape puts your hand in a perfect shooting position.
  • Great support and stability when shooting hand-held video.
  • Easy access to your camera controls.
  • Works with any tripod.
  • Super quick to get on and off your camera.
  • Nice and sturdy. (not flimsy like other straps.)
  • Includes adapters for compatibility with all leading mirrorless cameras.

How does it attach to my camera?

There are a few easy ways to attach our hand strap to your camera: use your tripod’s quick-release plate (we’re compatible with all brands), or use a Spider Plate (the thin profile at the end of the hand strap fits right between your plate and your camera body), or simply use the hardware included with our hand strap.

What’s it made of?

The outside is crafted from a proprietary nylon-based material that is extremely strong and flexible, allowing it to “remember” the shape of your hand. The inside is lined with a soft quality foam, covered with a velvet skin, making the hand strap super-comfortable and breathable. We wish you could touch it now, you wouldn’t want to take your hand out.

So many colors!

The SpiderLight Hand Strap is available in Black, Red trim, Deep Blue trim, Light Blue trim, Copper trim, and Lilac trim.

Comfortable. Universal. Secure.

Take your camera anywhere, from the trail – to the street – to the studio, with a confident, secure, and comfortable grip.

From the way that it feels in your hand, to the way that it makes you feel when you shoot with it… all the details have been designed make your experience empowering.

Why do I need a hand strap?

With the support of a hand strap for your mirrorless camera, you have the freedom to comfortably carry your camera, ready to shoot, for long periods of time. That’s great for hiking a trail, taking a photo walk in the city, and shooting from the sidelines at your kid’s soccer game, band concert, or dance recital.

It means you can carry your camera securely without a tangling, dangling, cumbersome neck strap. It means you can run fast with your camera, and stop and shoot in a split second. It’s fast, convenient, comfortable and secure.

What’s special about this hand strap?

Our new SpiderLight Hand Strap is specifically designed for smaller camera bodies like Fuji X-T1, SONY a7’s/7II’s, Olympus OMD to name a few. As good as they are, these cameras DO NOT have enough grip for your hand to hold comfortably for more than a few minutes – until now!

This is the first hand strap designed specifically for mirrorless and small DSLRs.

Our hand strap adapts to smaller/mirrorless camera bodies with a genius solution never conceived before – “smart” adapters that allow your hand to comfortably hold and securely handle your camera.

No more slippery hands, no more fear of dropping your cameras. It is the freedom of taking pictures everywhere, on the go.

What if I work with heavier gear?

If you’re using heaver pro-level gear, like a Canon 5d or 7d with a heavy lens, or any camera with an extended battery pack / vertical grip, check out our SpiderPro Hand Strap. The Pro Hand Strap has a few extra features that make it a better match for heaver camera setups.

Recently Featured in Outside Online Magazine’s Best Camera Accessories Under $50

“The SpiderLight Hand Strap attaches to your camera’s body and wraps around your hand, giving you extra grip so your new baby doesn’t slip.”