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Spider Light Plate

Spider Light Plate

The Spider Light Plate is the premier solution for mirrorless and lightweight DSLR cameras. It is adjustable, leaving you room to open your battery door, and also features Arca-Swiss™ compatible geometry, and will attach directly to any Arca-Swiss™ tripod head.

x1 Spider Light Plate


Note: Holster not included.

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Compatibile With

Designed for mirrorless or lightweight DSLR cameras. Compatible with Arca-Swiss™ tripod heads.

Not Compatible With

SpiderLight Plate is NOT compatible with Olympus Mark II, and Panasonic DMC-G80/G85

System Weight

0.125 lbs (56g)

SKU 155

Which cameras are NOT compatible with the Spider Light Plate?

The camera models below are NOT compatible:

  • Olympus Mark II
  • Panasonic-G80/G85


If you have any questions, feel free to email support at:
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Customer Reviews

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Does what it needs to do and well

The Spider Light plate was recommended by Spider and it did it's job of allowing me to mount my mirrorless Nikon Z6 to my SpiderPro belt. Even with the FTZ adapter and a 24-70 f/2.8. It worked simply and immediately and felt quite secure.

Spider light plates perfectly fit my Fujifilm mirrorless cameras

I’m sorry that I am busy editing the photos I’d taken in Southern Australia last month these days. For the light plates, it fit perfectly on my fujiflim cameras, and I am now using it on the spider holster that I bought a few years ago for my full frame cameras, together with the spider light hand strap, now my camera always ready for action (hangs on my waist), no longer to dangling it on my neck! Great products, highly recommended! On the other hand, on the end of this month I’ll on vacation to St Petersburg, Russia, I’ll definitely take my spider gears with me. Good job! Keep it up! Thank you!

Better than original

I have the original item on another camera. This one, while just as good, does have an angle on the node than fits into the belt clip. This is a nice improvement. Fits well and stays snug. The only con this that the DSLR version has an Allen key that can be accessed from the plate. A nice feature that the SpiderLight plate does not have.

Good addition to my photography equipment

This spider plate perfectly fits my new back up camera and allows me to still use my existing belts.

No adapters required!

The SpiderLight Plate has built in Arca-Swiss Geometry which allows it to mount to any of their tripod heads!
The plate also has a universal 1/4″-20 thread mount which will work with any regular tripod mount!

Spider Light Plate Front View
SpiderLight Plate Arca-Swiss Compatible

Adaptable to your setup!

The SpiderLight Plate’s mount can move left to right to fit your camera and allow you to maintain use of your battery door!

SpiderLight Holster Battery Door Adaptable

Note: SpiderLight Plate is NOT compatible with Olympus Mark II, and Panasonic DMC-G80/G85

Package Includes:

x1 Spider Light Plate
(with pre-installed Anti-Twist Pin, and hex allen wrench)