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SpiderPro Holster Only

SpiderPro Holster Only

Just our SpiderPro Holster, does not include Spider Belt, Extra Pad,
Pro₂ Plate or Anti-Twist Pin.

(For professional shooting situations we recommend our
SpiderPro Single Camera System.)



x1 SpiderPro Holster

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Love This Product

For every time what ever sport gets in your way try the spiders holster and you wonder why you hadn’t got one earlier. I had this on my hip 1 min and I didn’t want to take it off. Quality build. Super comfortable, amazing performance. Spiders customer service was amazing and I would truly recommend this product to any pro looking to spend your time being creative a opposed to worry about your gear. Thanks for an amazing product

Matthew; Global Shutter LLC


Although I had problems figuring out what I needed, and support was not helpful. I ended up figuring out what I needed on my own, and everything works the way it is supposed to. Very easy now to carry 2 cameras. (heavy DSLR w/grips and heavy lenses)

Replacement of lost holster and pin for original kit

As I had misplaced the holster and pin for my original Spider Holster Pro kit, I went to your website to order a replacement. Unfortunately, your website failed to reveal that the pin had been modified in that new pin was a "female" which screwed onto a "male" on the plate that attaches to the camera's tripod mount. With a few communications back and forth, your company sent me the "male" version of the pin which now fits into the plate. This was done free of charge. I think Spider Holster for accommodating me.

Traveling Solution

When travel I take one camera and lens on hand to have more room in my carrying case for other photographic equipment. Since I have the Spider Grips on my cameras I could not use a strap to hang my camera off my neck. The Spider Camera Holster solved this issue for me, I can just slip it on my pants belt and then hang my camera on my side while I proceed through the airport procedures and into the plane. A great way to travel while carry one camera with the Spider Grip outside the carrying bag.

Single Camera Holster System SCS

So how does it work?

It’s actually very simple, the Pro Holster has a 2 Position Lock!

When the switch is DOWN, the holster will automatically lock whenever you holster your camera. You can retrieve your camera by pressing up on the toggle and pulling up, or you can simply press the switch up until it clicks, which will unlock the holster.


The SpiderPro Holster has a high-strength, spring steel clip which can be attached to our SpiderPro Belt or casual everyday belt. Having a spare holster is great for spur of the moment trips, hikes, etc. allowing you to clip it on and go!