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SpiderPro Single Camera System v2

SpiderPro Single Camera System v2

Your camera from hip to hands in a flash! Our new and improved SpiderPro Single Camera System is the perfect tool for the professional sport, wedding or event photographer looking for a strap-free carrying solution.

Need Arca-Swiss compatibility? Look here →

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Recommended Weight Range

5+ lbs (2.25+ kg)

Belt Length

28-50" (71-127cm)

System Weight

1.62 lbs (727g)


Durable Stainless Steel & Aluminum

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Do you have a holster for mirrorless cameras?

Yes, check out our SpiderLight Camera Holster and Backpacker, both specifically designed for mirrorless gear.

Introducing SpiderPro v2!

Rob from B&H introduces you to the SpiderPro System.

Spider Ambassador Kira Derryberry shows us how she got the shot using her Spider Camera Holster.

Why Spider Holster?

How to properly install the SpiderPro₂ Plate on your camera.

Camera Positioning

How to properly position your camera on a SpiderPro single or dual cam system. Properly positioning your camera(s) in the Holster is extremely important to achieve maximum comfort and minimal wear-and-tear on your Spider system. This PDF shows the proper camera positions in many common configurations.

Customer Reviews

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Wow...thank you. I am a hobbyist/amateur who is trying to incorporate OCF into my photography. I have been using a well known sling strap but every time I had to pick up my lights and move locations my camera banged around on my hip to the point I was always worried. Well now that I have my new Spiderpro holster I worry no more! I love it! I can move and walk with ease. Drop my camera in the holster and move lights and location with no worries. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I am also enjoying the new camera strap and will be ordering another one of them for my backup camera! (already bought a Spiderpro plate for it!)

Highly recommended

I use the Spiderholster v2 for the Panasonic S1 and it fits wonderfully. The delivery to Switzerland was extremely fast. Thank you very much.


SpiderPro Single Camera System v2

Amazing V2 Holster!!

I once tried the PD version of a holster. Sold it on eBay and went back to putting my camera down any place I could find while I adjusted lights or tried to give some posing help to my subject. I always felt like there should be a better way to actually conduct a photo shoot like a true professional who doesn’t look for places to set his/her gear while doing other critical photography work. Then I saw a workshop given by Lindsay Adler and she was wearing what looked like the perfect device...exactly what I was always wishing I had. I searched the net and found the Spider Pro v2. I ordered it while out of the country only to find it shipped same day and arrived two days later. And was it what I was hoping it would be? Absolutely. Solid materials. Velcro to adjust the belt and then an ingenious clamp/clasp to put it on and take it off securely and without ever having to adjust the Velcro again. The plate is solid. The way the you remove and return the camera is perfect. The way the camera lays on your hip is exactly as you would want it. Truly this make your camera and lens look like the tools of your trade that they truly are. And it makes those tools securely accessible in an instant when needed.

Love this holster and belt: Fits my Fuji X-T3 with Grip perfectly!! Thanks Spider!!

Single Camera System v2 - Awesome

I love it. It feels very comfortable on my hips and takes the strain off of my neck and back.

Single Camera Holster System SCS

So how does it work?

It’s actually very simple: Size the Belt to your waist size with the sliding waist pad.(our Pro Belt accommodates waist sizes from 27–50 inches), attach the Pro Plate to your camera’s tripod mount (we provide extra tripod mount points so you can still keep your quick-release plate attached), and slide your camera into the Holster on the Belt.

The Holster system positions your camera so that it is balanced and hanging directly parallel to the hip. The lens facing straight and not down reduces the risk of impact on the camera when kneeling or setting up shots.
No other holster system protects your gear in this way.

What’s included?

The Pro Holster

  • High strength stainless steel and durable aluminum construction
  • Two position lock for security
  • Quick draw access to your camera

The Pro2 Plate

  • Attaches securely to camera’s tripod mount.
  • Compatible with all tripods – includes two universal connections for tripod plates.
  • Wrench stows inside the plate.
  • Anti-slip mats help secure plate to camera.

The Pro2 Belt

  • Ergonomic design to reduced fatigue
  • Durable, wear resistant materials
  • Heavy duty, triple-lock buckle keeps the belt
  • 27″-50″ waist size adjustable

Designed by photographers, the newly-redesigned SpiderPro Single Camera System v2 is the perfect tool for the professional sport, wedding or event photographer looking for a strap-free carrying solution. Take the weight of your camera off your neck and shoot longer without fatigue. Your camera will be comfortably secured at your hip and ready to use, instead of awkwardly dangling.

The Pro Holster features a two-position lock designed for flexibility – unlocked for quick draw action shots or auto-locking for security in any shooting situation. If you’re thinking about adding another camera in the future, the Dual Camera Upgrade (includes a second Pro camera pad, holster, & plate) makes adding a second holster super easy – no tools required!

The improved Pro2 Plate attaches to any professional DSLR. Redesigned for a more balanced and comfortable carry, the plate also features an improved, more secure pin and anti-slip rubber grips to keep the plate in place.

Got Arca-Swiss? No problem, we got you.

If you shoot with an Arca-Swiss tripod (or any bracket or plate that features the Arca-Swiss geometry), check out our Arca/Spider Single Camera System, which has everything you need to holster up one camera and maintain compatibility with your Arca-Swiss tripod plate. It includes the SpiderPro Camera Holster, SpiderPro Belt, and SpiderPro Clamp (1 pin installed).

But I shoot with two cameras…

Right on, so do we, that’s why we created our SpiderPro Dual Camera System.

I shoot with a heavy lens…

No problem. Pick up our Lens Collar Plate, which is specifically designed for the photographer shooting with longer lenses, such as the 70-200mm. By attaching to the lens collar, your gear will balance better for a more comfortable experience and there will be less stress on the camera’s lens mount.

How is it made?

Our SpiderPro Holster is stainless steel and hardened aluminum cast, the SpiderPro is extremely durable and designed specifically for professional active shooting situations.

It’s secure.

The Holster has a two-position lock. In lower position the lock secures your camera each time it’s placed in the holster. In upper position – the lock disengages for quick and easy access to your camera.

Don’t take our word for it…

Check out our Spider Ambassadors – pro photographers who use and fully endorse the SpiderPro Holster.

What’s next?

Shoot like a pro by extending your system! Don’t stop here, check out these great ideas for extending your single-camera system.