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TETHER Adapter Plate

TETHER Adapter Plate

The Spider TETHER Adapter Plate has been designed to protect your tether cable and camera port by locking the cable to your camera. Eliminate the risk of cable pullout and avoid costly repairs to your camera.

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1.10oz (31.3g)

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Introducing the SpiderPro AS2, ASRC2, and Tether Plates

Customer Reviews

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Screw to long for Nikon d810 or z6

Sadly can’t use on its own without trying to modify the pin or find a proper size spacer maybe
Screw goes in and can’t go in any further and plate is still loose
The long thick usb cables barely fit not sure if they will pinch since I can’t tighten down all the way :)

Love my other spider gear though

Good but why not have 2 cable channels?

So you've set up for tethered capture, in some cases that includes an AC adapter cable to power the camera for the day. This means you've got both a USB and power cable running to the camera. Looking at this plate I think you could allow for 2 cables to be captured making this even better.

Just what I was looking for!

I was looking for a way to use a back up battery pack for my A9 that would hold the cable to the camera. And would prevent any damage to my camera if the battery fell out of my pocket or cable get snagged on something and rips cable out of camera.
This tethering device is perfect.
It was exactly what I wanted!

I would recommend this tethering device for charging on the go or connecting to a computer.

Lightweight design, durable construction and anti-rotation features

make this plate the perfect addition for your Spider system.

How to attach your Spider Camera Plate to your SpiderPro Plate

The TETHER Plate attaches to any SpiderPro or SpiderLight Plate and can also mount directly to your camera body. The built-in tripod profile makes this plate compatible with Arca-Swiss™ style quick-release heads.

Product Highlights:

  • Secures tether cables to your camera
  • Attaches to any Spider Plate
  • Arca-Swiss™ style profile
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Anti-rotation features
  • Product size: 1.5″H x 2.0″W x .475″D  (4cm x 5cm x 1.21cm)
  • Product weight: 1.10oz (31.3g)