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Tether Bail Accessory Kit

Tether Bail Accessory Kit

For use with the SpiderWeb Tether. Add the Tether Bail Connection to your SpiderPro Plate V2, Lens Collar Plate or SpiderLight Plate.

(Plates are not included in this kit.)

  • Easy, secure installation.
  • Moves the Tether connection away from your camera controls.
  • Compatible with SpiderPro Plate V2, Lens Collar Plate or SpiderLight Plate.


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1.0 oz (28g)

Use with

SpiderWeb Tether


Durable stainless steel construction

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Customer Reviews

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Tether Bail Accessory Kit

Not ready for market

This accessory for the Spider web Tether is a great idea but it’s so poor in execution as to be worthless. My first clue was the hand-written note that came with the kit: ’Do night overtighten screw.” It would have been better to say ‘do night tighten screw at all’ as it stripped out the threads with virtually no effort at all (I’m talking about finger-tip pressure only.) Better to use the tether clip that comes with the Spider Web Tether than to use this. I ended up replacing my base plate (stripped threads) and sending this kit back for a refund.

Great product

Fits very well in the tripod plate along with the spider promolate

Great after some modification

I love the SpiderLight system for my mirrorless camera and having the tether has absolutely saved my camera from some falls. I originally had it attached to the strap loop at the top of the camera body, but since the SpiderPin attachment is at the bottom it could be minorly annoying because there were two different tension points, and the strap hung over the LCD sometimes. I got this kit to move the attachment point for the tether down by the Pin and out of the way.

When it arrived I wasn't able to seat it in the channels of the SpiderLight plate. The ends of the wire were too long and the bends weren't quite right. After taking a grinding wheel on my Dremel to the ends for about 5 seconds each side, they fit just fine. I was able to screw the top plate on without issue, the SpiderLight plate attached flush, and the tether is exactly where I want it.