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Tripod Carrier Kit

Tripod Carrier Kit

The Spider Tripod Carrier Kit combines the Tripod Carrier with the lightweight Black Widow Holster for a complete tripod carrying solution. Designed to safely carry any tripod or monopod up to 5 lbs. See more details below.

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Introducing the Spider Tripod Carrier

How to use the Spider Tripod Carrier

Customer Reviews

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Great kit

This tripod kit works very well with the small travel tripod I have. I use this with a small Sony RX100 camera to take video at high school wrestling meets. Very handy when I need to move from one location to another frequently.

Excellent product, fast delivery!!!

Very nice product, I am very happy to have this product for my tripod.



No more pain in the neck

I have a showroom of neck and shoulder straps accumulated over 42 years and countless cameras. I went hog wild with Spider products. Mother's Day is the annual Komen Race for the Cure event at the Philadelphia Art Museum. I have been a volunteer photographer for 15 years. I wore a Spider belt with two cameras on my hips. It was seamless photography; in and out of the holsters, no neck pain, no camera dangling off a shoulder strap and my hands were free when not shooting, with nothing hanging off my chest. The secret is the hand strap, which made the camera and hand into one unit. Yes, I am very happy with your products.

Tripod Carrier Kit Banner

Ready for a hike? Not without your Tripod Carrier Kit!

Attached to the tripod leg with two high strength, durable fasteners, the Spider Tripod Carrier’s low profile does not interfere with using your tripod.

The Tripod Carrier Kit includes a Spider Black Widow Holster which can be mounted on any belt, including the SpiderPro or SpiderLight belts, and serves as a secure connection for the Tripod Carrier’s ball joint fasteners.

Compatible with all Spider Holster accessories/products.

Spider Holster Tripod Carrier

See it in action!

Additional highlights & features

  • Black Widow Holster included in Kit option.
  • Full compatibility – attaches to any style or size tripod/monopod leg.
  • Angles the tripod/monopod for comfortable carry on either hip.
  • Secure locking & quick release.
  • Carries up to 5 lbs.
  • Weight – 4.8 oz (130 g).
  • Material: Polymer & Stainless Steel.