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Water Bottle Holder

Water Bottle Holder

Hydration at your hip!

Includes one Spider Monkey holster base (clips to your belt), and one Water Bottle Holder attachment (clips into the holster base).

Bottle of water not included (sorry guys).

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Holds a standard 20oz water bottle

SKU 905

Customer Reviews

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A good and very flexible tool

Iit takes every drinking bottle or vacuum flask I posses. Fits all my belts and even hangs on my trolleys, delighted.

Great Product

Helpful water bottle holder. Great to have on a long hot day!

Great water bottle holder. The

Great water bottle holder. The belt clip is difficult to attach to a belt. But, once attached, is easy to use.


The water bottle holder is very handy

Thanks for your review Nicole! We're happy to hear the water bottle is coming in handy for you. We have some new gear releasing soon so if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.
A little larger would be helpful

I had a hard time squeezing a disposable plastic water bottle into the neoprene sleeve, enough that I probably would give up using it if I had to do that every time I started a fresh bottle. It definitely looked a lot snugger than in the photo. I had a *really* hard time getting my reusable 16oz water bottle in there, but at least I only have to do that once. For now I'm washing the inside only of that bottle while trying not to get the neoprene too wet. So I think at least an extra 1/4" diameter sleeve would help without any bottles falling out, and there's still always the drawstring to snug around any bottles that aren't securely hugged by the neoprene. Otherwise, I love the convenience of having my hands free while still keeping my water handy while I work. It works well clipped onto my belt, but 16oz of water is too heavy to clip onto weekend clothes.

Hi Anna, thank you for your review and for your honest feedback! We take all feedback like this into consideration.
SpiderMonkey Water Bottle Holder Banner

Hydration at your hip.

Let’s face it, on a hot day or a long shoot staying hydrated and alert is very important. If only there were an easy way to carry a water bottle without it getting in way. Enter the Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder. Never be thirsty on a shoot again!

How does it work?

Simply attach the Spider Monkey base to your belt (or ours), insert your water bottle into the Holder, then slide the Holder into the base. The Water Bottle Holder will lock into the Spider Monkey base. Quick-draw your water bottle (using one hand!), by pressing the release tab at the top of the Spider Monkey base to unlock your Water Bottle Holder and lift it out. Instant refreshment.

The neoprene material will help keep your beverage cool on a hot day.

What’s included?

Includes our Water Bottle Holder and one Spider Monkey holster base that can attach to your belt, our SpiderPro belt, our Black Widow belt, or our Large Lens Pouch. Basically, everything you need to have hydration at your hip.

Accommodates a standard water bottle (not included) up to 20oz./650ml. in size. The Water Bottle Holder is interchangeable with all Spider Monkey products.