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The SpiderMonkey Essentials & Ultimate Kits include a variety of our SpiderMonkey accessory holster gear including our new Multi-Feature tabs for use on heavier loads, and our new Studio Assistants, which velcro to any tripod or studio lighting leg. The Ultimate Kit also includes our SpiderMonkey Utility Pouch, Bottle Holder, and Rain Cover. Be ready any in-studio or outdoor event!



  • SpiderMonkey base clip for quick-release
  • Studio Assistant acts as a velcro attached SpiderMonkey base
  • Multi-Feature Tab attaches to base clips, studio assistant, and backpack adapter!
  • Product size: 9.5” x 6.0” x 1.5”
  • Product weight: .84 lbs. / 13.44 oz / 381 g




(1) Backpack Adapter

(4) SpiderMonkey Adhesive Tabs

(2) SpiderMonkey Multi-Feature Tabs

(3) SpiderMonkey Base Clips

(2) SpiderMonkey Studio Assistants

(1) SpiderMonkey Action Camera Grip (with rotating feature)

(1) SpiderMonkey Action Camera Grip (with non-rotating feature)



NOTE: Ultimate Kit includes everything in the Essentials Kit, plus...

(1) SpiderMonkey Utility Pouch

(1) SpiderMonkey Water Bottle Holder

(1) SpiderMonkey Large Rain Cover


NOTE: ALL SpiderMonkey Products will pair with the SpiderMonkey Base Clip, or SpiderMonkey Studio Assistant

SpiderMonkey Base Clips
> Designed to fit any Spider Camera Holster belt, or casual belt.
> Base Clips can be attached to the side loops on our Spider Lens Pouches

SpiderMonkey Adhesive Tabs
> Weight Limit = 1 lb / 16 oz / 424g
> For proper application, fit to an area that is roughly 1" x 1.5" (2.5 x 3.75cm)

SpiderMonkey Multi-Feature Adhesive Tabs
> Inner profile fits into the Base Clip or Studio Assistant
> Outer profile fits into the Backpack Adapter
> Designed to be applied to heavier / larger loads such as liquid canteens and studio lighting batteries.

SpiderMonkey Action Camera Grips
> Designed to fit gimbals and light handheld devices
> For heavier loads, pair with one of our Spider Pins and any Spider Camera Holster

SpiderMonkey Studio Assistants
> Designed to attach to the leg of a tripod / monopod, or studio lighting stand

Backpack Adapter
> Pairs with various Spider products including: Multi-Feature Tab, AS2 Adapter Plate, SpiderLight Holster, and SpiderX Holster
> Can be applied to any bag strap, or to any casual belt

SpiderMonkey Large Rain Cover
> Large: Designed to fit a camera with a 70-200mm lens

SpiderMonkey Utility Pouch
> Dimensions: 7" tall x 5.5" wide x 1.5" thick
> Includes an elastic outer pocket, and inner divider

SpiderMonkey Water Bottle Holder
> Designed to fit standard sized water bottles up to 20 fl. oz.

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SpiderMonkey Product Line Overview

Overview on Studio Assistant, Backpack Adapter, Multi-Feature Tabs

Overview on Action Camera Grips

Download instructions for the: SpiderMonkey Product Line (click here)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cam MacLennan
SpiderMonkey Kits: Flexible - Very Useful

I really appreciate the flexibility and utility of the Kit. Fit and finish is all good. I especially like the Camera Rain Covers which are ready waiting on my Dual Holster belt. Best quality Rain Covers I've used.

Matt DeBackere
Takes the weight off my shoulders!

Took a few times to get used to but I'm really loving not lugging all that weight on my shoulders and back! I was having back issues from 13 years of carrying everything around on straps but now I have my hands and back free and I feel like everything is secure!

Bill Andrews
Spider Monkey Kit for Spider Camerar Holster

The package came several days later but I was happy with my purchase! I love what they have thought up to ease my mind of securely hold g my equipment! When I have shot so many concerts I always tense my body up when moving thru crowds to keep my cameras and equipment from falling or hitting someone in their hip! The Spider Monkey kit gives storage areas on my backpack strap for my DJI Gimble and also for multiple flashes around my waist! The best things about this
#PhotographyEquipmentStorageSystem (#PESS) are that now when I'm at a concert or fashion show I have extreme quickness in handling whatever I need to get the shot! The other is that after 20+ years as a Celebrity Photographer and Videographer I dont have to worry about my back hurting after an assignment because the weight of cameras and gear can equalized and moved to my waist, WHEW!! THANK YOU! 5 STARS!

#WilliamAndrewsPhotography #BillAndrewsPhotography #ISeeYouEverywhere #CelebrityPhotographer

Pretty good overall

Bottle holder is a bit on the small side, extra pack mount didn’t come with the needed velcro and rubber pad.

Cheryl Wiggins

Spider Monkey Kits

Product Overview

SpiderMonkey Adhesive Tabs and Multi-Feature Tabs are designed to make carrying your camera accessories a convenient, comfortable, quick-draw experience.

Multi-Feature Tabs are best for heavier gear, while the smaller Adhesive Tabs are great for keeping your Light Meter, Flash, and Battery Pack close and ready to use while on a shoot.

The smaller Adhesive Tabs (and our Action Camera Grips) have a 1/4"-20 mount hole in them. This allows you to pair it with one of our Spider Pins and holster it into any of our SpiderPro, SpiderLight, BlackWidow, or SpiderX Camera Holsters!

Multi-Feature Tabs

Our SpiderMonkey Mult-Feature Tabs are designed to use on heavier gear both in-studio and outdoor.

The INNER Profile pairs with our SpiderMonkey Base Clip, while the OUTER Profile pairs with our Backpack Adapter. This makes it a great partner for carrying your canteens on your next hike!

Studio Assistants

Apply our SpiderMonkey Studio Assistants to the leg of any tripod / monopod, or studio lighting setup for convenient access to your gear anywhere.

A great way to use these, is to pair a studio lighting battery with our Multi-Feature tab, and place that securely into the Studio Assistant, it will keep it close to its respective light, and help keep your cords off of the floor!

Action Camera Grips

Take your GoPro™ or DJI Osmo™ anywhere with our Action Camera Grip! Holstering your action camera gives you quick, easy access, and is a safe, ergonomic way to carry your gear. The SpiderMonkey Base clips to your belt, pocket, or backpack, and the elastic Grip attaches right around your hand-held gimbal.

The tab on the Grip slides and locks in place in the Base, with rotational freedom of movement. This makes moving around actively with your camera attached really fluid and natural.


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