” With the Spider Holster, my hand are free to direct my subjects and my neck and back are unburdened so I can keep up my energy and comfort throughout the day. The SpiderPro Hand Strap allows me to comfortably hold my camera and do so with security, whether shooting over a cliff or holding my camera out over the model for a unique angle. These two products together allow me to embrace my creative, high energy, and at times daring approach to image-making! ” – Lindsay Adler

Perfect for on-location and in studio shoots!

Lindsay‘s work has been featured in numerous fashion and photography publications, and aside from her personal studio work speaks and teaches workshops at at WPPI, PhotoPlus Expo, Imaging USA, KelbyTraining, and creativeLIVE!

Now a regular Spider Holster user, Lindsay is free to move at her own (often frenetic) pace and never miss a shot or lose track of her gear. With her camera hanging securely at her side, she is better able to speak, demonstrate, shift equipment, climb and otherwise explore her creative passions.


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