Water Bottle Holder - Spider Camera Holster
Water Bottle Holder
Water Bottle Holder
Water Bottle Holder
Water Bottle Holder - Spider Camera Holster
Water Bottle Holder - Spider Camera Holster
Water Bottle Holder - Spider Camera Holster
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Hydration at your hip. The SpiderMonkey Water Bottle Holder design allows for a quick-draw and drink to and from our Spider Holster belts (or any user belt) via the SpiderMonkey Clip. Simply hit the lock button on the top of Clip to release the Holder/bottle.



  • Product Highlights
  • Includes one Spider Monkey base.  
  • Neoprene construction
  • Fits common water bottles (approx. 20 oz)



(1) SpiderMonkey Base Clip

(1) SpiderMonkey Water Bottle Holder

Bottle Holder:
> Fits standard water bottles up to 20oz.

SpiderMonkey Clip
> Designed to fit any Spider Camera Holster belt, any casual belt, or Spider lens pouch
> Pairs with all other SpiderMonkey accessories
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bruce Goren
Only the right size for ""store-bought"" water.

Would have liked this to be a bit larger/adjustable to accommodate water containers such as you would attach to a bicycle. Seems to only be big enough for store-bought plastic ""bottled water"".

Below l.
A little larger would be helpful

I had a hard time squeezing a disposable plastic water bottle into the neoprene sleeve, enough that I probably would give up using it if I had to do that every time I started a fresh bottle. It definitely looked a lot snugger than in the photo. I had a *really* hard time getting my reusable 16oz water bottle in there, but at least I only have to do that once. For now I'm washing the inside only of that bottle while trying not to get the neoprene too wet. So I think at least an extra 1/4"" diameter sleeve would help without any bottles falling out, and there's still always the drawstring to snug around any bottles that aren't securely hugged by the neoprene. Otherwise, I love the convenience of having my hands free while still keeping my water handy while I work. It works well clipped onto my belt, but 16oz of water is too heavy to clip onto weekend clothes.

Hi Anna, thank you for your review and for your honest feedback! We take all feedback like this into consideration.

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