If you love our Single Camera System, you’ll love these combos to make it do even more for you.

The Basics

Add a SpiderPro Hand Strap to your camera so that getting the perfect shot is even faster and more secure. Our Utility Pouch puts all the other essentials at your finger tips – phone, business cards, and any small accessories and tools you always need at a moment’s notice.

The Ready For Anything

Going on an all-day shoot? Hiking to the top of a mountain to get that perfect panorama? Sometimes you need to carry it all.

Adding the SpiderPro Hand Strap to your camera will make ensure you have the extra support you need for an all-day shoot. The Large Lens Pouch puts an extra lens within easy reach, while our Memory Card Organizer ensures you won’t ever find yourself out of card space before the perfect shot presents itself. Finally, add on our Water Bottle Holder so you don’t forget to stay hydrated on those long treks.

The Versatile

Are you always juggling equipment to have the exact tools you need at the right time? Use our Large Lens Pouch to keep that extra lens close at hand and our Spider Monkey Kit to attach pretty much any accessory you can think of directly to your belt.

Mix and Match

Pick exactly the products you need to complete your perfect setup.

SpiderPro 1-to-2 Camera Upgrade

If you already own a Single Camera v2 System but have started regularly carrying two cameras, grab this kit! (v1 system users upgrade here)

SpiderPro Hand Strap Colors

SpiderPro Hand Strap

Use your cameras even faster and more securely, and get that extra support you need for long shoots.

SpiderPro Plate

Have more than one camera that you regularly holster? Add a plate to each so you don’t waste time switching plates between cameras.

Spider Monkey Kit

Attach any accessory right to your belt.

Spider Holster Memory Card Organizer v2

Memory Card Organizer

Keep your memory cards, phone, and any other small accessories at your fingertips.

Large Lens Pouch

Swap out lenses in a flash.

Water Bottle Holder

Stop forgetting to drink water for entire days at a time by keeping your hydration right at your hip.

Utility Pouch

For all those miscellaneous parts and pieces that you need close at hand.

Rain Cover

Just because you had to get drenched in rain today doesn’t mean your gear should.