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Holster pouch

This is a handy thing to have on the belt. It is a place I can put my keys and lens caps and maybe a battery or filter if needed.

SpiderPro Hand Strap

Really good!

The screw broke inside the hole after the first used... I was surprised of it! But the company send me an other new hostler very quick. Otherwise this system is really amazing!! I am really glad I bought it! Super useful!

SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2

Love It

The utility pouch fits nice and secure to my already owned Spider Pro Camera System, but you could attach it to any belt or backpack you may have!

Plenty of space that holds all my SD Cards, Batteries, and more which means less trips to and from my desk set up when I'm at events.

The Best Camera Suspension System.

After several months of use, the Backpacker Kit is the best. I mounted it on my Lowepro Sling pack and it fits perfectly. My G9 hangs at slight angle but makes my camera even more accessible. I enjoy my hikes much more now having a secure camera suspension system. I find it an absolute joy to use and now bring my camera everywhere since it is so convenient and not have to hand carry my camera.
Honestly, I wouldn’t settle for anything less and could not ask for a better system. Although more expensive than the others, it is well worth knowing my camera is secure and easy to access. Small investment for piece of mind for a $2500+ camera setup, don’t you think?
Get it. You won’t regret it.

Spider Camera Holster

Very fast delivery. Amazing product.

Works Great

Fits my 70-200mm Lens perfectly. Even if you have the lens hood on, the rain cover will make up for those extra few inches of length and cover it up still!

Large lens pouch

Wanted to add this for a long time...very happy to be able to add to the ease of easy access for quick lens change. Thank you!

Medium Lens Pouch

Love It

I've had one for years and it has been perfect for our wedding day shooting. Fits multiple kinds of lenses and isn't too bulky. Couldn't imagine shooting without it!

Just what I was looking for!

I was looking for a way to use a back up battery pack for my A9 that would hold the cable to the camera. And would prevent any damage to my camera if the battery fell out of my pocket or cable get snagged on something and rips cable out of camera.
This tethering device is perfect.
It was exactly what I wanted!

I would recommend this tethering device for charging on the go or connecting to a computer.


I'm an Esports Photographer so I'm always on the move and doing it for long hours a day. The holster got me into the action faster so I never missed a shot. It also took all the weight off my neck/shoulders for much needed relief!


I had v1 and just updated to v2. Worth the money! Like the functionality better.

Tripod carrier is superb

Perhaps the best way to carry any tripod, since your waist/hips provide ample support in conjunction with the holster.

Great Gear!

Very effective!

Black Widow Spider Camera Holster - Love it, years of use already

Wonderful - I've had the Black Widow Spider Camera Holster for years, & just bought another as a spare. Great system, very comfortable & very secure. It doesn't interfere with the binoculars. To avoid pressure around my waist, I actually wear it bandolier-style, (which it's really not designed for) - It's very secure, handy and easy.

Great Hand Strap

Fits well because of the unlimited adjustments you can make. I am able to to reach all buttons and dials with my right index finder and thumb. I use BBF exclusively. Access to the SD card and battery is not a problem. There is no need to loosen the strap on my Nikon D750 to perform these functions.

Great Accessory

This clip allowed me to switch to a different belt and still have my Spider Holster available. I love the Spider Holster and use it often. So much easier to carry my cameras on my belt. Thanks Spider Holster.

A Handy Addition to my cart.

Whenever I do a photo shoot that also involves video, I would normally need
another person. After receiving my Spider Light Single Camera System, I tried it
out around the house with everything attached. It seemed fine....at home.
On the job, I couldn't believe how nice it was, I never felt bogged down at all.
But mostly, I didn't miss a shot. I was able to capture everything (Video & Photo) because, I didn't have to go back to the location where my carts were
to get my other camera. I had both cameras with me. I could holster my photo camera & carry my video camera. No strain on the neck & shoulders with the
straps I used to have attached to my photo camera. The way things turned out,
I have to say......It's a beautiful and handy addition for my photo shoots.

Camera Holster

I purchased the holster and added a second one so I could carry 2 cameras. I had been carrying on a tripod and the other around my neck. I am short so the tripod thing was awkward. The Spider is a great solution and it is very sturdy.

Love this system.... my gear is safe and easy to put down for a second. I do have to ensure the plates stay tight as they loosen a bit during the day but I love this hands free set with no weight around my back!

Just what i wanted to feel safe

Awesome small but safe gadget