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Better than I had even imagined!

I've always tried to have two camera bodies at the ready, each with a different lens and set up with different settings for street/action, landscape, etc. I've tried backpacks, shoulder straps, and shoulder bags but nothing ever fit the bill or gave me the freedom I wanted.

Then I discovered the Spider Holster Dual Camera system.

I used my Spider Holster for the first time on two different photo shoots this weekend and I. AM. ECSTATIC. I couldn't be more pleased with the comfort and convenience of having both of my cameras at my hip, ready to draw at a moment's notice. No stopping to change out lenses, no repacking a camera into a bag... It was better than I imagined it would be.

Thanks Spider Holster people! I am your biggest fan!

SpiderPro Plate v2

This is the perfect solution. A little pricey but beats everyone else.


I bought this for my husband who is my second shooter, and he absolutely loved it. He was so excited about it that I gave it a try in one of my sessions and I am sold. We will probably be buying one for me as well.

Secure and Comfortable

Great way to free hands up. Holds camera securely.


Love this holster! Made a world of difference in my photography!

Spyder Hand Strap

Best hand strap I have used.

Perfect relief

Used it for the 2nd time on a wedding yesterday. Saves the back and shoulders greatly. DSLR on 1 side and Mirrorless on the other. No swinging and bumping cameras around. Much better when kneeling down as well. Well worth the money. After my 2nd shooter seen it and asked about it at he end of the night, hes going to order one now as well.

Terribly expensive for a belt, but also rly great: ]

To ship it to Czech, ive payed a price of a high quality trekking back i could take to Himmalayas i think - for a betl! ? . Which is a big downside for me, but its also great and i dont think there is other product that is done so well. So iam +- cool with it. Only technical downside for me is that spiderlight has 2times right plate for some (i guess good reason). so each camera is facing different side and its tickling my ocd. So if that couldhavebeen fixed i would be happier. But so far one wedding with it and it saved my shoulders and i felt like a cowboy, so thanks guys

Best purchase I've ever made!

Spider holster is by far the BEST way to carry your cameras. Once you try it there's no turning back! I'm a very active photographer and the spider allows me to move, bend, run, lay down or squat without trouble with two pro cameras. I do recommend to buy a utility pouch if you're going for the two camera setup because it will be difficult to access your pants pockets.

Great product!

Highly recommend this product. Game changer!

Well made and designed.

Nice addition to my camera. Well made, camera rides nice. Great option to a shoulder strap..

Well balanced!

Versatile piece of equipment.

Quick Ship High Quality

As described. Very well engineered. It works so well that I muscled through the dork factor and am not embarrassed at all.

Best strap ever

This is my third Spider strap!! Love the way it allows me to grip my camera and feel secure. Goes great with my double holster and other Spider items. All my straps are RED and really add a nice little accent to my cameras.

Like it more than I thought

I was worried about transitioning to this since I am so used to a rapid neck holster. It was much easier to get used to than I thought! I can’t wait to get some more hours in it! Loved having hands free!

I like them.

This setup is better then I was using. In fact I like it much better. I bought two, reasonably priced.

Replacement of lost holster and pin for original kit

As I had misplaced the holster and pin for my original Spider Holster Pro kit, I went to your website to order a replacement. Unfortunately, your website failed to reveal that the pin had been modified in that new pin was a "female" which screwed onto a "male" on the plate that attaches to the camera's tripod mount. With a few communications back and forth, your company sent me the "male" version of the pin which now fits into the plate. This was done free of charge. I think Spider Holster for accommodating me.

Holster pouch

This is a handy thing to have on the belt. It is a place I can put my keys and lens caps and maybe a battery or filter if needed.

SpiderPro Hand Strap

Really good!

The screw broke inside the hole after the first used... I was surprised of it! But the company send me an other new hostler very quick. Otherwise this system is really amazing!! I am really glad I bought it! Super useful!

SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2