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Received as expected

All items ordered received as expected. Fantastic quality!

Love love love this hand strap!

I first bought this hand strap in 2016 and loved how secure my camera felt in my hands during newborn and child sessions! My dogs really love to chew leather so the strap got destroyed and I missed it so much I finally got another one and as soon as I put it on I couldn’t believe I had let so long go before buying a new one!

Love it best thing ive bought for the camera


i love my spider products so much that you may want to put me as spokes model - i have talked several people into purchasing their own over the years - love love love !

This product is a game changer!

Spider Backpacker Holster

The holster is really a simple fix to securely locking the camera in place quickly when on the go and being able to retrieve it quickly to catch that perfect moment. I wish the holster pin was on a different angle on the bottom of the camera and then I could sit it flat - I can only have it flat if I add another arca 360 base or similar. A handy unit, I will buy a belt version to go with my backpacker as I have two cameras...

Backpack Holster

Have been using Spiderpro for a couple of years. Was walking around one day and realized I need the backpack holster. Great product. Simple to use, sturdy and as always feels secure. I have never worried about my camera when using spiderpro. Even when my holster broke spiderpro repaired it no charge. Great product. Get yours today.

Spider Light Plate

I recently purchased a second body and added the plate to allow me to carry either camera on my belt. Works great and really like how I can use both hands, especially when carrying lighting gear around too!

Excellent Product!

I absolutely love this holster! I suffer from back and shoulders problems so I was looking for something to take the weight off of those areas, and this holster was exactly the product I was looking for. I typically shoot a mirrorless camera with a 70-200, and it feels so secure. I love that I have the use of my hands and know that my camera isn’t going to go anywhere! Could not recommend this holster more!

Give it a chance

Felt awkward at first and you have to be aware that you are "wider" with it on. Shot a rural county fair and then took to Europe. Really liked it and my neck felt great without the strap!



Great product

Fits very well in the tripod plate along with the spider promolate

Best strap I ever owned

By far this design exceeded my expectations. You can tell it was designed by an actual camera operator.


This is so easy to use, comfortable and fast, looks like a pro too ! Worth it and highly recomended to everyone.

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Solid piece of equipment .

This small equipment is essential for events photography and studio usage. Save time and safety on your camera

Perfect Tool for Female Professional Photographers

I am a sports shooter who has tried several different multi-camera harnesses, but they were not comfortable nor functional for me. Then I bought the Spider holster and found my new favorite tool. It is comfortable, balanced, and I can easily access my 2nd and 3rd cameras quickly. I highly recommend the Spider Holster!

Excellent customer service

I had to return the product because it was not the right one for my camera setup. I use a Nikon z7 with a af-s 70-200mm lens as my biggest lens. I mentioned that when I asked a question to their customer service. They immediately advised me to use the spider pro instead, due to the weight of my camera and lens combined. They were very expeditious on their replies and I was able to return the Sue Bryce kit. They were also timely on the refund.
I bought the spiderPro version and has been loving it since. I give them 5 stars for their excellent customer service.

Game changer!

So glad I found this option. Carry the weight on my hips has changed everything for me on a wedding day, I have so much more energy and ease of movement, I’m not so sore or tired. No rubs or uncomfortability. The best option out there.

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I like it very easy to use

Love it

Holds camera securely...

Does what it needs to do and well

The Spider Light plate was recommended by Spider and it did it's job of allowing me to mount my mirrorless Nikon Z6 to my SpiderPro belt. Even with the FTZ adapter and a 24-70 f/2.8. It worked simply and immediately and felt quite secure.