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Love it!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but it’s great! I follow Sue Bryce who uses one and thought I’d give it a try. Much better than wearing my camera around my neck!

Great product.

The SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2 is just what I needed. No more sore shoulder from the camera strap.
I would recommend this to anyone looking for a comfortable way of carrying your camera.

Beautiful strap.

Bought the graphite version for my Canon 90D. Great quality and beautiful to look at. Very happy.


Works well on my d7000, but does not work as well on my d500 (will not rotate all the way around while on the camera), although works for the purpose that I need it for.

Wouldn't Own a Camera WITHOUT a Spider Hand Strap

Bought my first Spider Hand Strap when they were first being developed. I had already tried several other options. Nothing felt as comfortable or secure and certainly nothing on the market is as sexy. Of course, I am a 70-year old guy who walks around with an oxygen hose in his nose, so nothing is going to make me look cool, but the SpiderLight Hand Strap looks and works good to me. I'm only giving it 4 stars because it doesn't come in leather like the regular Spider Hand Strap. But I am now the proud owner of the original for my D810 and now the SpiderLight for my D5600. The SpiderLight Hand Strap seems to be just as tough as its big brother. After 5 years of using the original Spider Hand Strap, I just wouldn't own a camera without a Spider Hand Strap attached to it.

An absolute essential.

I’m not sure how it is that I don’t already see this system in use ubiquitously throughout the industry. The first time I used the holster I immediately knew that I would never be returning to a neck-strap-based system. The freedom of motion, convenience, and comfort of this product is unmatched, I’ll certainly be recommending it for many years into the future.

SpiderPro Extra Pin

1 x AS-RC2 Adapter Plate

it what wanted

Nice strap

Purchased the strap for hand holding Nikon D850 w/70-200 lens shooting basketball games. Feels comfortable and eases hand fatigue. Makes it easier to grip camera. Minimal obstruction getting battery out. Screw (Allen head) does come loose at times. Strap looks nice and performs good for premium price. Would recommend.


Although I had problems figuring out what I needed, and support was not helpful. I ended up figuring out what I needed on my own, and everything works the way it is supposed to. Very easy now to carry 2 cameras. (heavy DSLR w/grips and heavy lenses)

SpiderLight Hand Strap (and SpiderHolster other products)

I have been using SpiderPro system since the kickstarter launch years ago. It is clearly the best camera holder (my usual setup is 2 cameras with different lenses on both sides) keeping my neck painless and the cameras ready to shoot almost instantly. Recently I bought Spider Black Widow system for my family members to carry and use a smaller mirrorless camera (a6500 + 16-55/2.8). Both SpiderPro and Black Widow systems need the straps (my opinion) to keep the secure hold-on of the camera while shooting. When comparing the SpiderLight and SpiderPro hand straps I prefer the SpiderPro. There is no difference while shooting or carrying on hip belt - but the difference comes from tight packaging needs during transport. SpiderPro strap is made of layered leather, leaving more flexibility than the SpiderLight strap, where the firmness is achieved using plastics parts. I have made my purchases through different channels, based on best price.

Excellent accessories

Adds a lot of support to the Spider Holster system. Makes carrying along other kit like speedlight(s) etc. very convenient.

Works great!


it's what i like.

The Best Hand Strap

I’ve tried a half dozen hand straps and nothing touches this one. The V2 makes it even faster to install.

Simple Perfect

There’s nothing better than a product that does what it promises, and this is just that product. Frees up my hands with confidence and security. I keep asking myself why did I wait so long to add this to my bag!?

SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2

An interesting tool I am looking forward to getting to know well

The hand strap seems to have real value for optically stabilized systems. I am using it with a Sony Ar7IV with a really right stop l plate attached. Took a bit of fiddling to get it so the size and orientation seem right.
Solidly made.

SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 Review

The SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 fits my Canon 90d with battery grip perfectly. Extremely stylish, durable and comfortable hand strap with auxiliary wrist strap for extra security when shooting in possibly treacherous camera drop environments. Absolutely recommend for the professional sports photographer or anyone requiring quick draw along with ease of mind.

I love this strap

This is the best camera strap I've owned. Period. Whoever designed it is a practicing photographer - or was at the very least heavily influenced by practicing photographers. Adjustments, ease of fit on the hand, flexibility, materials, attachment method are all top-notch. Can't speak highly enough about the design, functionality, comfort, and aesthetics of this strap.

One and Only belt for my Sony

This has to be the best belt /holster comb for any camera. It makes carrying a camera very comfortable, secure, and always read at the hand. I would highly recommend this to all types of photography.

Spider light holster

Use it on the shoulder strap of my bag. Works great

Love it !

Fits comfortably and works effortlessly! Great for me !!

Camera Holster

This device is perfect for helping to hold UP a Nikon D5100. The D5100 is a heavy piece of machinery and the strap gives relief to the arms and shoulders. The strap blocks the battery release door and loosens itself after moderate use which is why I gave it a four-star review. Nevertheless, this is a very good invention for those of us who use heavy cameras often. You won't regret your purchase. Robert from Albuquerque

Spider Plates for Mirrorless Cameras

Super happy with my new plates. I recently switched from a DSLR set-up to mirrorless and couldn't imagine not working with my Spider holster system so I'm tickled that Spider offers the smaller mirrorless plates.