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Bigger than before

The plate is good- both very functional and sturdy, with rubber added from the old version. The only thing I don't like is that it's bigger than the first version. This actually makes it fit more awkwardly into some of my camera bags. The older version on my other camera fits much more discreetly into my bags. Other than that, it works great.

Spider Camera Holster.

I use it with my D810. It takes stress off my hand and wrist. Love the color. So tired of everything being black.

Very comfortable and fashionable

I ordered this in kodiak and it look very nice. I'm a sucker for brown leather accessories so this fits my style perfectly. Before this I would use the neck strap as a wrist wrap and it was uncomfortable and just got in the way. This handstrap works great! I highly recommend this product!

Very comfortable and easy to use

I ran into someone with this and got to talking about it, they loved it and said it was their best investment for carrying a camera, I read the reviews and gave it a try. It really is nice! I'm a little overweight and it fits comfortably, it doesn't slide on me and works great. I use a FF camera, it is heavy and bulky so be careful walking through doorways and walking past chairs while the camera is attached. Otherwise. It is an excelent holster! Built very well. I recommend this product.

Spider light plates perfectly fit my Fujifilm mirrorless cameras

I’m sorry that I am busy editing the photos I’d taken in Southern Australia last month these days. For the light plates, it fit perfectly on my fujiflim cameras, and I am now using it on the spider holster that I bought a few years ago for my full frame cameras, together with the spider light hand strap, now my camera always ready for action (hangs on my waist), no longer to dangling it on my neck! Great products, highly recommended! On the other hand, on the end of this month I’ll on vacation to St Petersburg, Russia, I’ll definitely take my spider gears with me. Good job! Keep it up! Thank you!

Great after some modification

I love the SpiderLight system for my mirrorless camera and having the tether has absolutely saved my camera from some falls. I originally had it attached to the strap loop at the top of the camera body, but since the SpiderPin attachment is at the bottom it could be minorly annoying because there were two different tension points, and the strap hung over the LCD sometimes. I got this kit to move the attachment point for the tether down by the Pin and out of the way.

When it arrived I wasn't able to seat it in the channels of the SpiderLight plate. The ends of the wire were too long and the bends weren't quite right. After taking a grinding wheel on my Dremel to the ends for about 5 seconds each side, they fit just fine. I was able to screw the top plate on without issue, the SpiderLight plate attached flush, and the tether is exactly where I want it.

Good fit and comfortable

The holster fits perfectly on my hand and feels comfortable. It affects only little to some of camera controls you would use with your index finger at least on Canon camera. It is easy to remove battery and SD-card even with the holster attached.

SpiderLight 1-to-2 Camera Upgrade

Quality you can see and depend on

Spider does not skimp on quality. Everything is solid and well made. You will be very pleased.

SpiderPro Single Camera System v2

Spider holster pro strap

Worth buying! Very helpful for the long day shoot.


Previously reviewed

Great accessory!

A little on the hard side for assembly but I managed even though there was no instructions that I could find. Very helpful during wedding days

Convenient to have two necessary functions in one unit

If you use a tripod and also like carrying your camera in the holster system then this is the best of both worlds.

SpiderPro Hand Strap

Never going back to a neck strap!

This is my second hand strap. My backup camera still had a neck strap, so I figured it was time to change that. It’s so comfortable and I feel like the camera is so secure in my hands. I’ve grown accustomed to toggling focus while still strapped which isn’t all that difficult. If I feel that I need a little extra security, I snap the safety strap. This hand strap, along with the Spider holster, has been a HUGE game changer. I will never move to another carrying system.

The Best Strap for Me

I own two of these straps now. I have one on each of the cameras that I take to my client sessions. Other straps I've tried have always been in the way when I need to change settings on my camera. This one is totally "customizable" as far as getting the right angle for your hand. It's very comfortable and there isn't a single thing that I can say about it that isn't positive.

The Best Hand Strap Ever

The SpiderPro Hand Strap is the best hand strap that I have ever used. It is easy to install and It fits my hand comfortablely. When I am shooting all day car show events. it is still comfortable to use. I liked it so much that I purchased a backup hand strap in case I need another one quickly.

Great Handstrap

Great handstrap, fits well and is well made. If you're using a grip with vertical shutter release, this won't work as well. Otherwise, you're good to go. Highly recommend.

Great Quality

This is the 2nd SpiderPro Hand Strap I have purchased. I have one on My Canon 7D MarkII and purchased this one for my Canon 6D. Very sturdy, great workmanship and very comfortable and easy to use.

Only hand strap I will use

This is a solid piece of gear that will last several years. I've had one on my Nikon D750 since the camera was first released and then got one for my Nikon D850 when that camera first came out. Easy way to securely hold and control the camera without the pain in the neck.


Love it hand grip stable and belt is comfortable just have to remember how to take it off

Great Product !!!

Product is Better than I expected.

Great product

Can't be without it. This is my second one. Just love this