Our SpiderLight products are the perfect companions for anyone shooting with a lightweight or mirrorless camera. Want to get even more out of your SpiderLight gear? Check out these combos to take your photography game to a whole new level.

The Casual Photographer

Ready to take your SpiderLight Holster to the next level? Add the SpiderPro Hand Strap and shoot like a pro with superior all-day support to make using your camera even faster and easier.

The Adventurer

Ditch your camera bag and use our SpiderLight Backpacker Kit to holster your camera directly to your backpack strap – perfect for bringing your lightweight camera on any adventure or even getting POV footage with your GoPro. Combine it with the SpiderPro Hand Strap and you’ll always be ready to use your camera in a flash.

Hint: if you already have a SpiderLight Holster, pick up our less expensive Backpack Adapter.

The Pro

Using a lightweight camera doesn’t make you a lightweight photographer – get our SpiderLight Single Camera System. Add the Utility Pouch to keep accessories right where you need them, and the Large Lens Pouch so you’ll be ready for any shot. Still need to carry more items? The Lens Pouch is compatible with our Spider Monkey Kit so you can hang virtually anything you need right from your belt.

Mix and Match

Pick exactly the products you need to create your perfect lightweight setup.

SpiderLight Holster Kit

SpiderLight Holster Set

Holster your lightweight or mirrorless camera on any belt.

SpiderLight Backpacker Kit

Take your camera on an adventure by holstering it directly to your backpack strap.

SpiderLight Hand Strap

The best hand strap on the planet for  mirrorless and lightweight DSLR cameras.

SpiderLight Single Camera System

A professional-level holster designed for lightweight cameras. Perfect if you use one camera at a time.

SpiderLight Dual Camera System

Need to double your shooting power? Get our Dual Camera System to professionally holster two lightweight cameras at a time.

SpiderLight Plate

If you have multiple cameras that you regularly holster, grab an extra plate for each so you don’t have to waste time switching your plate between cameras.

Spider Monkey Kit

Attach any accessory right to your belt.

Utility Pouch

For all those miscellaneous parts and pieces that you need close at hand.

Medium Lens Pouch

Swap out lenses in a flash. Want to carry a larger lens? Make sure to check out the Large Lens Pouch as well.

Water Bottle Holder

Stop forgetting to drink water for entire days at a time by keeping your hydration right at your hip.

Spider Holster Memory Card Organizer v2

Memory Card Organizer

Keep your memory cards, phone, and any other small accessories at your fingertips.

Rain Cover

Just because you had to get drenched in rain today doesn’t mean your gear should.