Looking to buy a new Dual Camera System but not really sure what else you need? Already have a DCS and looking to beef it up with some new accessories? Take your holster above and beyond with these combo ideas.

The Basics

Add a SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 to each camera so that you can get that perfect shot with the extra hand support that pros need on long shoots. An Extra Pin for each v2 plate allows your cameras to switch sides in a flash – no more wasting time moving the pin to the other side of the plate when you want to swap which camera is on your dominant side.

The Extended Shoot

Plan for an entire day in the field (or in the woods or up a mountain) with versatile equipment and the memory to capture every shot.

Add an Extra Pin to each camera’s v2 plate so you can decide which camera is best for the job – and closer to your dominant hand – at a moment’s notice. Bring along the Large Lens Pouch in case you stumble on the perfect panorama and need to swap your lens in a flash. And use our Memory Card Organizer to store your phone, keys, and extra CF/SD cards so you never have to worry about missing out on the last great shot of the day.

The Accessorizer

Using the SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 on your cameras will make sure they’re always a snap to use and re-holster. Add in the Spider Monkey Kit and the Memory Card Organizer for all those camera accessories you’re never quite sure what to do with but always need at a moment’s notice.

Mix and Match

Pick exactly the products you need to complete your perfect dual camera setup.

SpiderPro Extra Anti-twist Pin

Adding an extra pin to your SpiderPro Plate lets your switch which side you holster your camera on in an instant. (Get this pin if you have a v1 dual camera system.)

Spider Pro Hand Strap Hero Image

SpiderPro Hand Strap v2

For DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, designed for comfort and security on any photoshoot long to short.

SpiderPro Plate

Have more than two cameras that you regularly holster? Add a plate to each so you don’t waste time switching plates between cameras.

Spider Monkey Kit

Attach any accessory right to your belt.

Spider Holster Memory Card Organizer v2

Memory Card Organizer

Keep your memory cards, phone, and any other small accessories at your fingertips.

Large Lens Pouch

Swap out lenses in a flash.

Water Bottle Holder

Stop forgetting to drink water for entire days at a time by keeping your hydration right at your hip.

Utility Pouch

For all those miscellaneous parts and pieces that you need close at hand.

Rain Cover

Just because you had to get drenched in rain today doesn’t mean your gear should.