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The Sue Bryce Kit

The Sue Bryce Kit

The Sue Bryce Kit contains: 1 SpiderLight Single Camera System (but we swap out the SpiderLight Plate for a SpiderPro Plate), 1 Black SpiderPro Hand Strap, and 1 Memory Card Organizer v2. Save 30% with this bundle!

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Excellent customer service

I had to return the product because it was not the right one for my camera setup. I use a Nikon z7 with a af-s 70-200mm lens as my biggest lens. I mentioned that when I asked a question to their customer service. They immediately advised me to use the spider pro instead, due to the weight of my camera and lens combined. They were very expeditious on their replies and I was able to return the Sue Bryce kit. They were also timely on the refund.
I bought the spiderPro version and has been loving it since. I give them 5 stars for their excellent customer service.


Better than I expected. So secure and comfortable. Was a little off centre to attach to the rounded body of the D750, but support when I asked if I was securing it correctly was very fast. Love it. Going to be a game changer!

Shoot like a pro: Sue Bryce brings her own twist to her Spider setup.

The beauty of Spider gear is that it’s modular. So it’s easy to mix-and-match the gear that best complements your workflow for any particular shoot. Sue’s kit really takes advantage of that modularity, fitting her workflow like a glove.

Sue’s appreciation of her Spider gear led to our partnership, and this unique kit.

Perfect Fit

Sue started using Spider gear a few years ago and found a perfect fit for her workflow.

Save 30% with this bundle!

Sue combines the smaller form factor of our SpiderLight belt and holster, with a larger SpiderPro Plate for her DSLR. Add in a few key accessories, and you’re ready to shoot like Sue.

The Sue Bryce Kit

Oh, that’s roughly $250 worth of Spider gear for just $195!

Meet Spider Ambassador, Sue Bryce

With 27 years experience, Sue Bryce is one of the most recognizable photographers in the imaging industry. Her glamour, fashion and portrait style transcend past stereotypes and has changed the face of portrait photography.

Sue’s Kit is perfect for anyone regularly shooting with a pro DSLR setup, but preferring a sleeker holster and belt.