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SpiderPro Single & Dual Camera Systems v2

Hands-down the most ergonomic way to carry one or two professional cameras in pro shooting environments.

The SpiderPro Hand Strap v2

The new and improved SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 works with any DSLR and most mirrorless cameras, and provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip.

SpiderPro Lens Pouches

Spider Lens Pouches can fit lenses with the hood attached right on your hip, and can easily be swapped with one hand!

Lens Collar Plate v2

The Spider Lens Collar Plate v2 allows you to holster your camera from the lens collar. Now with a built-in 1/4″-20 mount, built-in hex wrench, and stop screw feature!

All SpiderPro Products

Meet the SpiderPro family, designed for pro gear and pro shooting environments.

The SpiderLight Backpacker 2-in-1

The Backpacker Kit allows the user to mount a camera on their belt or backpack strap. Includes adapter for optional GoPro use.

The SpiderLight Holster Set

Designed for mirrorless cameras, the SpiderLight Holster mounts to any belt. Includes SpiderLight plate which mounts to the camera.

The SpiderLight Hand Strap

The SpiderLight hand strap is designed to compliment mirrorless camera users. Available in multiple colors!

SpiderLight Z Plate

The Z Plate is the solution for photographers with a mirrorless camera. It is specifically designed for use with Nikon Z series cameras with or without the FTZ mount attached!

All SpiderLight Products

Meet the SpiderLight family, designed specifically for mirrorless cameras and lightweight gear.

BlackWidow Holster Kit

The BlackWidow Holster Kit provides safety and security for lightweight cameras in one kit, perfect for the active photographer.

BlackWidow Holster Set

The BlackWidow Holster provides safety and security for lightweight cameras in one kit, perfect for the active photographer.

BlackWidow Backpacker 2-in-1

The Backpacker Kit allows the user to mount a camera on their belt or backpack strap. Includes adapter for optional GoPro use.

Tripod Carrier Kit

Includes the lightweight BlackWidow Holster for a complete tripod carrying solution. Designed to safely carry any tripod or monopod up to 5 lbs. securely from the hip!

All BlackWidow Products

Meet the BlackWidow family, designed specifically for point-and-shoot cameras and lightweight gear.

Spider Monkey Accessory Holder Kit

Spider Monkey holsters are perfect securing your important photography accessories.

Spider Monkey Utility Pouch

Holds your keys, your phone, lens caps, batteries, you name it! Includes pouch, and Spider Monkey base clip.

Essentials Kit & Ultimate Kit

The entire product family in one kit! Get every photo accessory you could need to be ready for any indoor or outdoor event.

Water Bottle Holder

Hydration at your hip! Includes one Spider Monkey base clip.

All Spider Monkey Products

Meet the Spider Monkey family, our smallest holster designed for photography accessories.

Real customer reviews

The utility pouch fits nice and secure to my already owned Spider Pro Camera System, but you could attach it to any belt or backpack you may have! Plenty of space that holds all my SD Cards, Batteries, and more which means less trips to and from my desk set up when I’m at events.”

– Kyle Milller on the SpiderMonkey Utility Pouch

I am a hobbyist/amateur who is trying to incorporate OCF into my photography. I have been using a well known sling strap but every time I had to pick up my lights and move locations my camera banged around on my hip to the point I was always worried. Well now that I have my new Spiderpro holster I worry no more! I love it! I can move and walk with ease. Drop my camera in the holster and move lights and location with no worries. ”

– Todd W. on the SpiderPro Single Camera System

Being able to secure my camera on my waist while I’m moving light stands around has been able to save me tons of time while I’m shooting. 🙌🏼

– Samuel Goodwin on the Lens Collar Plate

“Fits well because of the unlimited adjustments you can make. I am able to to reach all buttons and dials with my right index finder and thumb. I use BBF exclusively. Access to the SD card and battery is not a problem. There is no need to loosen the strap on my Nikon D750 to perform these functions.”

– Harry on the SpiderPro Hand Strap

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Spider Ambassadors

Spider Ambassadors are leading photographers at the top of their game. They set trends, they educate, they produce the highest quality work and they love their Spider gear.

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Mitch Wu the Professional Toy Photographer sets up with Spider!

Tongal rep Ingrid Vining recently interviewed professional toy photographer & Spider Holster ambassador Mitchel Wu on his creative process, and what gear he uses to set up shots so full of life and energy (see below). Mitchel said that among his bag of tricks was his SpiderPro Camera Holster including a Single Camera System and [...]

Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshop with Marc Weisberg

Southern California — This 3 Day Workshop Hands-On Intensive is for photographers looking to fast-track themselves to creating powerful and compelling real estate and architectural imagery.

Marc Weisberg: What’s in My Bag

I’m fortunate to have some of the best photography gear on the planet. When I shop for gear, I look for two things: quality and support. You get both when you purchase Spider products.

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