SpiderPro Lens Pouches

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Size: Large
Pouch Size: Large (70-200mm)

Spider Lens Pouches


The SpiderPro Lens Pouches are designed to hold your lens without need to remove the lens hood. It is made of durable cordura and neoprene, with a water-resistant front zipper. The zipper is designed to make it easy to unzip and swap out lenses with one hand!

The Spider Lens Pouch can be attached to any belt by using the high strength velcro straps on the back. While on a Spider Camera Belt, this allows you to easily slide it around your waist out of the way while you're not using it!

The lens pouch features a built-in cap tether to attach to your rear lens cap via a high strength 3M adhesive velcro pad.

The lens pouch also has a built-in rain cover to protect your lens from both rain and dust when needed.

Medium Lens Pouch // SKU 903

Designed to fit a 24-70mm lens

Large Lens Pouch // SKU 902
Designed to fit a 70-200mm lens


  • Design accommodates lens hood 
  • Compatible with Spider Holster belts or any casual belt
  • Zipper access allows lens swap with one hand
  • 3M adhesive + velcro tether keeps your rear lens cap safe
  • Built-in rain hood for added protection


Spider Lens Pouches
Medium Lens Pouch

Designed to fit a 24-70mm lens

Large Lens Pouch

Designed to fit a 70-200mm lens



PRODUCT VIDEO - Lens Pouches Overview
PRODUCT VIDEO - Lens Pouches In Use

Simple, Safe, Secure

Easy to apply 3M adhesive tether for your rear lens cap.

Unzip and remove your lens with one hand.

Built-in side slots for SpiderMonkey accessory clips.



Premium Vertical Zipper

The SpiderPro Large Lens Pouch features a water resistant vertical zipper that runs down the middle.

Where traditional lens pouches barely allow enough clearance to wrap your fingertips around the large diameter of the lens, the expandable mouth of the Spider Holster pouch enables you to comfortably reach all the way in and take a firm grip of the lens at the mid-section.

This expandable zipper opening also allows for a much easier insertion of Pro lenses (like a 70-200mm) with the hood attached. You no longer need to reverse the lens hood or change the lens’s configuration.

Built-In Rain Cover

The Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate is equipped with an extra 1/4"-20 connection for those looking to use an accessory tripod quick release plate.

The anti-rotation features and anti-slip pads keep your camera secure, and help prevent the plate from turning /loosening over a long period of use.

Built-In Lens Cap Tether

The pouch has a built-in tether cable which connects via high strength velcro to your lens cap.

All you have to do is peel and stick our mating 3M adhesive velcro tab to your lens cap and you'll never lose it again!