Spider Lens Pouch

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Pouch Size: Large (70-200mm)

The SpiderPro Lens Pouches are designed to hold your lens without need to remove the lens hood. It is made of durable cordura and neoprene, with a water-resistant front zipper. The zipper allows you to use one hand to swap out your lens.

The lens pouch features a built-in tether to attach to your rear lens cap via a high-strength 3M adhesive velcro pad. The pouch also has a built-in rain cover to protect your lens from both rain and dust when needed.

Medium Lens Pouch - SKU 903
Designed to fit a 24-70mm lens

Large Lens Pouch - SKU 902
Designed to fit a 70-200mm lens



  • Design accommodates lens hood 
  • Compatible with Spider Holster belts or any casual belt
  • Zipper access allows lens swap with one hand
  • 3M adhesive + velcro tether keeps your rear lens cap safe
  • Built-in rain hood for added protection



    (1) Large Lens Pouch

      Customer Reviews

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      Ken Holmberg

      Convenience, to carry, change lenses, protect lenses is what I am hoping to fulfil with Large Lens Pouch. I will be using it for Nikon Z 70-200 and Nikon Z 100-400 lens. I have a picatinny rail on both which I attach to a Wimberly mount on monopod. The lens fits the pouch with picatinny rail without fully doing up zipper and rain hood provides added protection and method of ensuring it does not fall out. Fits lens with polarizer and doubler without hood.
      I believe it will work stellar for those low mileage stalks of birds and game.
      The pouch and lens will go into backpack in tough terrain. I have previously used think tank digital holster for DSLR and LowePro lens exchange case which have taken me through China, Tanzania, Rhine and Danube Rivers, Europe, Machu Picchu, Galapagos and Antarctica. This pouch is less bulky and I am hoping will fulfil most if not all applications. Hood reversed pouch works but is a bit tight on 100-400. Would be interested in a larger diameter model to accommodate hood (not reversed) and doubler (length) Thank you for asking! I will pickup the backpack kit this week from my US mailbox in view of putting together a hands free ease of access system for field. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ken

      Keith Wintermute
      Love the Product

      I use the two camera holster. This system provides excellent weight distribution on the hips, easy access to the cameras and great safety features.

      Jon Campbell
      Large Lens Pouch

      This product is well made as is everything by Spyder. However, the large lens pouch is not large enough to accommodate my Canon RF 70-200 f/2.8 lens. Very disappointing.

      Ralph Nordenhold
      Close to hand

      Having the lens pouch on the belt instead of the backpack makes the change much more efficient.

      Odd shape…..

      The squarish bottom construction is odd, considering the lens is round, but it gets the job done and is nice and sturdy!!!!

      Quality leather + comfortable memory foam construction.

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