906: SpiderMonkey Medium Rain Cover

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Spider Accessory Base Clip

The reinforced polymer Spider Accessory Base Clip attaches to any belt (up to 2 inch height), pocket, or backpack strap and lets you quickly swap out your gear with the press of a button. 

The base clip will automatically lock whenever a Spider Adhesive Accessory Tab or other accessory has been inserted. To release the tab and accessory, press the button on top of the base clip and pull the accessory out.

The Spider Accessory Base Clip pairs with all other SpiderMonkey Accessories.

Spider Medium Rain Cover
The Spider medium Rain Cover is designed to fit a large DSLR Camera that is equipped with a vertical grip and 24-70mm lens.

The cover stores within the attached compression sack, and cinches shut with the easy-adjust draw cord. The cover creates a water and dust resistant barrier for your camera, allowing you to keep your camera safe from the elements anywhere!

Pairs with the Spider Accessory Base Clip and Spider Studio Assistant

✅ CLIP TO ANY BELT: Attach the Spider Accessory Clip to any belt, bag strap or pocket.

✅ SELF LOCKING BELT CLIP DESIGN: The SpiderMonkey clip will self lock every time you insert your Spider equipped gear.

✅ QUICK-DRAW YOUR GEAR: Press the button at the top of the SpiderMonkey base clip to unlock and grab your gear!

✅ WATER RESISTANT COVER: Includes a rain cover that is large enough to cover a DSLR + 24-70mm lens

✅ INCLUDES: 1 SpiderMonkey Base Clip, 1 Spider Rain Cover

Customer Reviews

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Tom Beckwith

Medium Rain Cover

Robert G.
Stop the water

Got the cover on a Friday. Had a shoot on Saturday and we ran into a few small showers. SO I put it to use and it was easy to set up and the protection was outstanding. Thank you!

Connie S.
Nice and compact

Nice and compact

Thank you for choosing Spider Holster!

Quality leather + comfortable memory foam construction.

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