735: SpiderPro Clamp v2 (for L-Brackets)

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SpiderPro Clamp v2
The SpiderPro Clamp allows you to use your SpiderPro Camera System with any Arca-Swiss type L-Bracket such as Wimberley, Really Right Stuff and Kirk.
Designed to be secure and easy to use, simply tighten the pressure knob clockwise and attach the Clamp’s sliding jaws to any Arca-Swiss style L-Bracket.

This Spider Plate features (2) anti-twist pins for carrying your camera on either your left or right side Spider Camera Holster.

The SpiderPro Clamp v2 also features a built-in Arca Swiss tripod profile, allowing seamless connection to Arca-Swiss tripod heads without removing the Clamp.

The SpiderPro Clamp v2 has (1) built-in 1/4"x20 mount that you can attach your tripod plate / quick release into. This eliminates the need to take our plate off to attach your gear!

Spider Anti-Twist Camera Pin:
We do not recommend removing the Spider Pin unless it becomes damaged and needs replaced.

  • The Spider Pin on this camera plate is pre-installed with Loctite to ensure a secure hold.
  • The Spider Pin is compatible with all Spider Camera Holsters.


❌ HOLSTER NOT INCLUDED: Spider Camera Holster not included, this listing is for the Spider camera plate only.

✅ FOR USE WITH SPIDER HOLSTER: Holster is compatible with all Spider Holsters

📷 DESIGNED FOR cameras with on Arca-Swiss style camera L-Brackets.

✅ LEFT OR RIGHT CARRY: Plate comes with x2 pre-installed SpiderPro pins, allowing for carry on either side.

✅ SECURE + EASY TO USE: Simply tighten the pressure knob clockwise and attach the Clamp’s sliding jaws to any Arca-Swiss-style L-Bracket.

✅ HEAVY DUTY: This plate is made from CNC machined aluminum, and the Spider Pin is made of Stainless Steel

✅ TRIPOD COMPATIBLE: Spider Camera Plates have a built-in 1/4"-20 connection for mounting any tripod or camera plate.

✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Take the weight of your cameras off your neck and shoot longer without fatigue.

✅ ARCA-SWISS COMPATIBLE: This Spider Plate has built-in compatibility for Arca-Swiss-style tripods and can be inserted directly into your tripod.

✅ INCLUDES: 1 Spider Pro Clamp v2, 2 Spider Pins (pre-installed)


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Allen W Brinkley
Nikon Coolpix P950

The DSLR Camera Plate will not work with my Nikon Coolpix P950 due to the position of the tripod mount. Since I use an L-bracket on the camera, the SpiderPro Clamp V2 works well with the holster. In addition it makes it easy to switch to my Nikon Df since it is also fitted with an L-bracket.

Soobum Im
Excellent workmanship

Really like SpiderPro Clamp.
Excellent workmanship feels like using really right stuff products.
Can switch from tripod to hip really fast.
Shipping is kind of expensive..

James Brantley
Works great... but...

Works great with my SpiderPro holster belt. Since this connects to the arca mount on my camera bracket, would love to have the arca mount built into the bottom of this so I don't have to screw in an additional mount to put the camera on a tripod when I need to...

Maher Alsalah

What a great customer service and quick email repossess

Michael Palozzola
Didn't realize this was a n option!

I have been using a spider holster belt for years and I love it. I just hated having to remove my L brackets in order to attach a spider plate. So recently I have just been screwing a spider pin into the L brackets... this works but the pin loosens over time. This Arca clamp is amazing.

Quality leather + comfortable memory foam construction.

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