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The SpiderPro Holster v2 is the perfect carrying solution for anyone looking for a strap-free system, and works with any belt, including the SpiderPro belt. Take the weight of your camera off your neck and shoot longer without fatigue.  Your camera will be comfortably secured, allowing more shots per shoot with easy access.
The SpiderPro Holster v2 features a two-position lock designed for both security and quick access in any shooting situation. For even faster access, you can disengage the lock and the holster's unique design will keep the camera secure and easily accessible for a quick draw. The SpiderPro Holster v2 works with our camera plates, the SpiderProCamera Plate for DSLR cameras and the Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate.


  • Ergonomic design to eliminate fatigue
  • Durable, wear resistant materials
  • Quick draw access to your camera
  • Two position lock on holster for security
  • Works with all Spider Camera Plates



(1) SpiderPro Holster


NOTE: This does NOT include a SpiderPro camera plate.

Customer Reviews

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Nick Sadigh
Long term Review

After using the Spider Eco system for 6 years I can say that this one of the best investments you’ll make in your equipment. Pairing mine (straps and holsters) with a think tank racing harness is the best dual cam system I’ve found for events, sports and weddings. The holsters never fail, they’re solid and easy to use. The straps give you not only extra comfort and safety but fees like it adds a bit of stability while shooting for long durations. While the spider holsters allow you attach and remove the camera from your person, give you a break from arm fatigue, it also makes for easy lens swaps.

All in all spider is some of my favorite equipment and gets used all the time. Couldn’t recommend the brand or their products more!

Do Nguyen
Spider Camera Holster.

This is the best product to carry your camera, your DSLR camera with big lens. I have my Canon R3 with Canon RF 70-200mm F2.8. I carried this setup for 3 hours without any issues.

Inna Magner
What a relief

Came highly recommended by a friend photographer. the belt and holster are such a relief from carrying the heavy lens around my neck. Very secure and comfortable to carry


I haven’t used This yet but I bought two of them To replace a plastic off brand rip off of the spider holster I bought online. I decided to bite the bullet during the Black Friday sale and purchase the real deal spiderholster brand. I’ve used my two body belt on three long shoots with two bodies and have been VERY pleased. The metal receiver is very solid and the locking mechanism is smooth. I’m sure this will fuction just as well. Spider holster stuff is prett expensive, which is why ot toook me a while to try it. But I have to say what I’ve used has been very solid, we’ll made, and thought out.

Brad Edwards
Perfect for light loads

Absolutely perfect unit for when you're using a lighter kit, but don't attempt to use the holster with just a belt for a heavy lens. I had a little slack in my belt and tried to hook a 70-200 lens, and the holster almost flipped over from the weight. Heavier loads need the full Spider holster for this reason. For light loads, however, it's great!

Quality leather + comfortable memory foam construction.

SpiderPro Hand Strap v2

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Quick-draw access to your camera & photo gear on the go.


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